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Organise like a pro

Welcome to a new version of yourself: a more organised me. We help you become that new you. With the right storage techniques you can easily create a tidy house. Where should you store your bedding, the kid's toys or towels? Do you pick a open or closed storage unit, big or small? Plenty of choice, and we'll help you choose the best storage for your space.

Clothing and accessories storage

Clothes organisers
Clothes organisers

Tip 1: Change of season

Save space in your closet by taking out your winter or summer clothes when the season changes. Use a textile bag for your clothes, so your clothes can breathe and stay fresh. Plastic containers are ideal for humid spaces.

Tip 2: Organisers

Interior fittings organise and save space in wardrobes, drawers and cabinets, making the best use of space and making everything easy to take out and put back.

Organise your bed & bathroom

Tip 1: Small storage

Shallow storage is suitable for smaller items and smaller spaces, perfect for making use of otherwise unused space, for example behind a door or under the bed.

Sustainable tip:
GODMORGON organisers and the KUGGIS bring an end to clutter in bathroom drawers so you can find your things in the morning. A smart choice, made from recycled PET bottles. Win-win!

Tip 2: Out of your sight

Do you have a small bedroom? Storage boxes under the bed provide extra storage space. Lids on the boxes protect the contents from dust.

Expert tip:
If you have a small bedroom, use curtains or sliding doors to save space and create a separate part for your clothes (like a room divider).

Tip 1: Kitchen cabinet organisers

Kitchen interior fittings provide a good overview and put items in deep cabinets within easy reach. A pull-out waste and recycling station should be placed near the sink, where most of the waste is generated. Your kitchen counter will be clean and you can recycle easily.

Left overs? Save money and reduce food waste. Use IKEA 365+ storage jars to keep your food fresh for a longer time.

Tip 2: Cookware

To make cooking easier, make sure to plan on storing the things used for preparing food close to the main workspace. Knives and chopping boards should be close to each other, and pots and pans close to the hob. A rack for lids keeps cabinets organised and makes it easy to find the right lid.

Do you have a ton of cans, boxes, and packages in your cupboards? Our tip: transfer flour, beans, pasta and drief goods into clear containers. Then stack them for easy view. Your cabinets will be prettier and your food grouped by product.

A tidy living room (even with kids)

Tip 1: Storage furniture

Use multifunctional furniture for storage. Think of a couch with storage space, coffee table on wheels or coffee table with storage space. Are you going for a TV cabinet in which you can store a lot? Then make use of the wall space and work up the height! This is possible with furniture from the BESTÅ, EKET or KALLAX series, for example.

Tip 2: Store children’s things close by

Storing toys and games near to where they are used makes it easy to get them out and put them back. A sideboard with drawers, a nearby cabinet or a few shelves are some options.

Do you have a play corner in the living room and would you like a nice storage system for the toys? With our TROFAST storage system children learn in a playful way how to store them (by using different colors for different types of toys).

Tip 1: Pin it!
A pinboard or whiteboard can be used to collect your office supplies, schedules and notes, appointments or to-do’s.

Good to know: at IKEA you'll find various pinboard accessories. So you can easily organise everything.

Tip 2: Move it!
Use products that help you clean up or move your workspace in no time. Use a drawer unit with wheels or wheeled trolley to store your stuff. A drawer cabinet with wheels is also very handy to place a printer on, so you can easily move it to another place.

Large storage systems suitable for: attic, garage, storage and laundry room

Storage shelves units
Storage shelves units

Tip 1: Solid and handy

Rail systems like BROR or BOAXEL or shelfs are the ideal storage in the garage, storage or shed. Rail systems are flexible to adjust in height. Use storage bins or stack cans and boxes on top of each other.

Tip 2: Stackable storage
Stackable storage, such as bins and boxes, saves space. Transparent boxes are practical to see what’s inside, labels can indicate the contents. Airtight boxes, like SAMLA, support keeping things in good condition, making them last longer.