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Kitchen islands & trolleys

More room for working, more storage space - who doesn't need a little more of both? Our selection of kitchen islands and trolleys gives you that extra bit of space that you need, without having to redo your kitchen completely. Choose one with castors for a mobile solution that you can take wherever you need it.

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Expand your kitchen easily with a trolley

Do you need just a little bit more kitchen worktop area? But you don't have space and the budget to redo the whole kitchen? Our kitchen island is a good solution. You choose from among different materials and styles, there will always be one that goes well with your kitchen or kitchenette. We have wooden and steel work benches and a combination of both. A kitchen island is the perfect way to extend your worktop. You can use it for storing items, both inside and on top, and you can move it around because many of our trolleys are on castors. Simply roll the trolley from the kitchen into the living room. But you can also have it in your work space as an extra storage space for office equipment and paper, for example. 

A kitchen island for any kitchen

A mobile kitchen island is not only handy in the kitchen, it is also indispensable for parties and get-togethers. Some trolleys have a removable worktop that makes a perfect tray. And you can also use a kitchen trolley as bar table for cocktails or drinks. And you thought that kitchen islands were only for amateur chefs? Our kitchen islands and trolleys are even used in professional kitchens. Thanks to the moisture and dirt-resistant materials, you can really go wild in your kitchen. Your trolley can be easily augmented with wall organisers and storage accessories. Using s-hooks and a rod, you can create extra storage space and give your kitchen trolley a unique look. Got all of your kitchen furniture and equipment installed? Then it's time for the finishing touch. Kitchen lighting. It's not only very handy, but also safe. Install LED lighting in your upper kitchen cabinet and you have a bright and clear worktop.