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Kitchen storage & organisation

Organising your kitchen is easy-peasy with our METOD kitchen cupboard organisers. For the kitchen is a place where things collect that you might not use on a daily basis but that are good to have to hand. From cutlery trays to built-in rubbish bins, these heroes help create order out of kitchen chaos.

Tidy kitchen cupboards and drawers with METOD

With proper organisation, your chaotic kitchen cupboards and drawers suddenly become the paragon of cleanliness and efficiency. From cutlery trays to drawer dividers, these indispensable products make day-to-day cooking a veritable celebration. Use our separate kitchen drawers and shelves to shape your own kitchen layout. Do you have a lot of pans? A cupboard with a carousel inside it is very handy. Then you can see at a glance everything that you have got. If you have been blessed with a corner kitchen, you can easily create extra storage space with an upper or lower corner cupboard. Choose the right hinges, and your kitchen cupboard is complete. Choose soft-closing hinges and you'll never be bothered again by cupboard doors closing loudly. If you'd like to create a feeling of extra luxury, choose to attach energy-efficient cabinet lighting. Cooking with style and safety has never been so easy.

Kitchen cupboard organisation you've only ever dreamt of   

Stop wasting time searching for that mixing bowl or can opener. The METOD kitchen cupboard organisers help you properly organise all your items, so you'll never lose anything in your METOD kitchen cupboards. With our drawer organisers and cutlery drawers, you can neatly store plates, utensils, cups and spices in good storage boxes. Not only does a built-in rubbish bin free up space in the kitchen, it's quite a bit more hygienic. Our space-saving bins fit in nearly every kitchen cupboard. And how about cleaning supplies? Keep them in a convenient cupboard for cleaning supplies. We have practical holders for your iron, wash cloth racks and a pre-made cupboard configuration.