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Clothes organisers

No doubt you have experienced this before: clothing suddenly resurfaces when you start sorting out your wardrobe. To create order from that clothing chaos, we have a wide range of storage boxes and hangers to sort out your clothes and shoes. Hide and seek is much more fun with people than it is with clothes, right?

Nice and tidy with our clothing storage systems

With our clothing storage systems, you maximise your use of the space in your wardrobe. Because a stack of clothing fits perfectly on a shelf next to a pair of storage cases or boxes. Clothing and accessories stay nicer for longer if they are stored dust-free. Keep your hanging clothing in a clothes cover or hand them on your stylish clothes hangers. Organise the drawers in your wardrobe with drawer dividers and baskets. That way you'll always keep it neat and tidy. The design of our PAX wardrobe is based on the idea that everyone has their own preferences and storage needs. For example, do you collect exclusive sneakers? Or do you have a lot of skirt suits? You can adapt all wardrobes and compartments to suit your personality and desires. If you are smart with your storage, you will have more time for other things. Shopping for new clothes and shoes, for example!

Storage systems for clothing, shoes and accessories

A wardrobe that is always tidy - an unattainable dream, right? At IKEA, we make dreams come true. That is why our storage for your clothes, shoes and accessories is designed to always fit in your wardrobe and suit your storage preferences. Do you have clothes you don't wear for long periods of time? Then our bed drawers and bed frame storage boxes are a smart choice. You can store a lot in them like summer and winter clothes, but also bedding, blankets and hand towels. Just roll the drawers under your bed. Our KOMPLEMENT boxes are made of felt and give your wardrobe a touch of luxury. Delicate clothing and accessories stay nicely and safely stored. Now just perfect your folding technique and you can enjoy a well-organised, tidy wardrobe.