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Kitchen wall storage

Don't have much cupboard space but do have a lot of things you need to put somewhere in the kitchen? Our racks for hanging up kitchenware and wall organisers are the answer. The decision of how your kitchen design will look is entirely yours. With shelves, rails and hooks, everything is easy to reach. For real professionals and creative home cooks.

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Wall organisers for extra storage space.

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then you probably have a lot of kitchenware, tableware and other items to cook the most delicious dishes. If you have not been blessed with a spacious kitchen and a lot of storage space, you can use wall-mounted storage facilities. You can really keep a lot on the wall. We have wall shelves for plates, cups and pans, spice racks, hanging rails and baskets for use in the pantry. Hang spatulas, soup ladles and tongs on a wall grid and matching S-hooks. A nice idea is to attach a flowerpot with mint or basil to the rack. There is a special place with hooks for tea towels and oven gloves. Of course, you'll want to put your favourite cookbook on a nice stand. The VIVALLA stand has bamboo finish and can also hold your tablet. 

Storage boxes and hooks on the wall

When you hang up your utensils, pot holders, strainer and spatulas from the wall, you will create organisation in your kitchen. That is why the proper configuration of the cooking area is essential. Position storage boxes on a shelving unit or an open wall-mounted cupboard. Our range of cutlery drawers and drawer organisers are also brilliant for these cupboards. Then there are the drying racks in many types and sizes – so there will always be one that fits your budget and kitchen décor. Struggling for extra worktop space? A subtle kitchen island or rolling table is a good idea. This gives you more room to put things down, to serve dishes, or for storage. Hang recipes, shopping lists or photos on the KUNGSFORS magnetic clamp. A plate shelf is not only very convenient, it also adds charm to the kitchen. To complete your kitchen design, make sure there is ample kitchen lighting because you need to see the divine dishes you are cooking up.