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Five tips for getting over the post-holiday blues

Do you know what post-holiday syndrome is? It’s not depression or anything serious. Rather, according to experts, it’s a process of adapting back to routine and work that can be difficult after holidays.

Many people experience discomfort, anxiety, mood swings or insomnia. So here are some simple tips to ease post-holiday stress and help you adapt to the daily routine after your holiday.

You can do it!

1. Get back to your routine gradually

We can’t act like everything returns straight back to normal after two or three weeks away, without work, routines or schedules. Just relaxing and resting. So while getting back to normal as soon as possible is important, don’t force yourself. Give yourself time. A good recommendation is to return home at least a couple of days before you go back to work. This makes the change less abrupt.

Get back to your physical activity routine if you stopped while on holiday, along with the rest of your routines. You’ll see how everything slowly returns to normal.

2. Stabilise sleep schedules

One of the main problems with post-holiday syndrome is getting used to sleep schedules. We go from getting up when we like, staying up late and sleeping more (or less), to having fixed schedules that we can’t adjust.

So, three or four days before returning to work, try waking up and going to bed at your normal times. You’ll need a few days to adapt, but you’ll soon be at your best!

3. Avoid an apathetic, sedentary lifestyle

It’s essential to do your part in warding off anxiety or stress as soon as possible. Leave the negative thoughts behind and concentrate on the positive. Get out of bed and off the couch! Yes, we know it’s very comfortable in bed, but there’s a time and place for everything. And now is the time to put a sedentary lifestyle, apathy and sadness aside to get active again.

Accept invitations from your friends, have a social life after work, plan the next trip or weekend getaway, exercise, eat healthy. Everything counts and it’s in your hands!

4. Renovate with small details

One way to find motivation when you return home is to see your home differently, renewed. Many people feel that the year really starts in September, not January. What do you think? Well, then let’s get on with “new year, new life”.

Renovate your home with small details, without spending too much and watching your budget. You can do a lot with very little: cushion covers, a duvet cover, a new rug, some decorating details, fresh flowers to brighten up the house...

When you decide to change any of these (or other) design details in your home, you’ll see how motivated you are to start over this season.

5. Enjoy time with family and friends

Finally, it’s essential to spend time with the people we love: life in our home, our neighbourhood, city or town, isn’t so bad, is it? This is where most of the people who are part of our lives and who make us happy are. So don’t hesitate to invite them round, to spend time with them. Organise a quiet snack in the living room or on the terrace to meet up and talk about everything that happened during your summer holidays.

Encourage social relationships and find time to rest between returning to your routine and work. This will help you feel happier and more positive, always remembering that the most important thing is to have a place to return to.