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At IKEA, the health and safety of our customers, employees and partners remains our top priority. Assemblies and installations at the customer's premises will be carried out following the protocols and safety measures established for the prevention of COVID19.

Save time and do not worry about the most delicate tasks

Kitchen installation

The service includes:

  • Furniture assembly and installation.
  • Installation and connection of IKEA appliances and lighting (gas connections not included).
  • Installation of IKEA sinks, taps and pipes (does not include plumbing service).
  • Installation of countertops (including sink and hobs).(Except stone countertops)
  • Installation of side panels, handles and interior accessories.
  • Enclosures with ceiling panels, maximum of 20 cm.
  • Removal of all packaging.

The linear metres of upper furniture and the linear metres of floor-level furniture will be counted separately.

It is essential for our professional team members to take measurements of your kitchen before installation, for optimal planning. The cost of the measurement is 40€, which will be refunded if you place an order for the installation of your IKEA kitchen.

¿How do I order it?

This service is currently only available for in-store recruitment.

*The price of this service varies depending on the IKEA store where it is contracted. Please check the local website of each IKEA store or the information points in the kitchen section of your IKEA store.

Other optional kitchen services

  • Dismantling and removal of kitchens – 55€/lm (Additional service available by contracting the kitchen installation service).
  • Kitchen dismantling – 30€/lm (Additional service available by contracting the kitchen installation service).
  • Installation of household appliances – 25€/unit - Service included when contracting the kitchen installation service.
  • Installation of household appliances with panel – 40€/unit - (Service included when contracting the kitchen installation service).
  • Removal of household appliances – 0€/unit - Free service with the purchase and transport of a new one.
  • Installation of countertops – 40€/lm - Previous measurement is necessary, cost of measurement €25. (Except stone countertops).

Bathroom installation

The service includes:

  • Assembly of all bathroom furniture.
  • Connection of IKEA pipes to the wall.
  • Connection of IKEA taps to the water outlets.
  • Installation of IKEA mirrors, lamps and bathroom accessories.
  • Installation of bathroom countertops.
  • Removal of all packaging.

Other optional bathroom services

Installation of taps – 30€/unit
Dismantling and removal of bathrooms – 59€/unit

¿How do I order it?
Check with your IKEA store at the information kiosks in the bathroom department.

Bathroom revamp service 

If what you need is to make a small reform (install toilet, change bathtub for shower, installation of screen) or a complete reform, we also offer this service to leave your bathroom ready

Installation on the ceiling or wall

We can install furniture on the wall or ceiling unless you prefer to do it yourself. The installation service includes shelves, stands, cabinets, display cases, lamps, spotlights, wall lights, pictures, mirrors, clocks, curtain rails, curtains, blinds, drapes, etc.


The price of the service – 14€/unit

¿How do I order it?

Consult your IKEA store at the information kiosks or at the delivery and assembly counter next to Customer Services.

* These wall or ceiling installations do not include the assembly service; If necessary, order assembly separately. If the delivery service is not ordered, it entails a cost for travel. View the conditions at the information kiosks or at the delivery and assembly counter.