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Item availability

Which items are available? Check before you visit!


At IKEA, it's important that you find the items that you've fallen in love with, so we're working to make sure that you can find them easily and check their availability. On this page, you'll find out how to check our product stock and what to do if it's not available or if stocks are low. 


Availability at IKEA | How to check availabilityHow to find out whether a product is available |

What happens if a product isn't available?

Availability at IKEA

We update our stock each time we sell a product - every few minutes - so that you can purchase with confidence and access the same information available in our IKEA stores. 

This also means that the availability of our items can change every few minutes. We suggest that you always check availability for your product on our website or on the IKEA app before coming to one of our stores.

Although we can't keep products on hold (nor do we keep additional stock of items), we'll do everything we possibly can to help you make your home complete.

How to check availability 

Because we want to help you find what you're looking for, we've made it easier to check if it's available at any IKEA stores or on our online store:

  1.  Find the product that you want to buy at ​​
  2.  Select your store of choice to check availability and enter your postcode to check if the delivery service is available in your area.
  3. If you are shopping in store, remember to check stock just before you visit.
  4. If you are shopping online, add the products to your bag. You can check all the delivery options that are available to you before you pay.

How to find out if a product is available

Our availability traffic light system will guide you

  • Green: the product is available. 
  • Amber: stocks of the product are low and we're expecting it to sell out that day.
  • ​Red: the product is not available.


Green: remember to check just before leaving for our IKEA stores, as stock availability can change throughout the day.

What to do if there is little or no stock of a product left

  • Amber: stocks of the product at your store of choice are low and we are expecting it to sell out that day. We want you to be able to get the products you want, so we suggest that you check just before you set off, or try the Click & Collect service.
  • Red: your item is not available through the selected way to shop, but you can check if it is available using another option. Try checking at another IKEA store, on Click & Collect or via home delivery. If none of these options are available, we are very sorry, the item has sold out.


Receive a notification when it's back in stock at your regular store

Got your heart set on something in particular? Sign up to receive notifications when items are back in stock and we'll send you an email or text message once it becomes available again. You can find this option on most product pages, along with information (where available) on when we expect the product to be back in stock. Your notification request will stay open for 45 days. If the item still isn't available after this period, you'll be able to put in a request again to be notified by following the same steps.