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Pots & plants

Give spring a boost with a mini garden

With spring in full swing, why not amplify the mood by grouping plants in a bright spot? You get a beautiful mini garden – and plants love it, too. Add air-purifying curtains, and it will be a refreshing display in even more ways.

See all plants & flowers
See all plants & flowers
Stories to help with getting a little greenery into your life.

Get started with indoor plants

Houseplants can make a home feel more peaceful and alive. They add colours and textures, too. Get growing with our tips about the basics—and plants that’ll always survive.

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Sleek ways to fit more plants in your home

With the ladder-style SATSUMAS plant stand with five pots, you can grow herbs even on a tiny kitchen counter. When you want to bring more greenery to any room, the plant stands and movers in the IKEA range may be the perfect fit.

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See all plant stands & movers