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Home electronics

A LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder holding a phone stands between an ENEBY Bluetooth speaker and a laptop.

Studying and socialising? Here’s some tech support!

Get your technology sorted for studying and socialising at college. We’ve got everything you need to be able to plug in and stay connected.

Treat yourself to a well-planned study space

It may not involve a lot of movement, but focused learning can still be hard work. Just ask any student. Set up your study space with an ergonomic chair, an air purifier, water, and some snacks on the side and there’s a good chance you’ve given your head a head start, too.

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A black FÖRNUFTIG air purifier standing on the floor beneath a study space with a dark grey BLECKBERGET swivel chair.
The upper part of a softly sunlit, black FÖRNUFTIG air purifier, showing the control knob and the black textile handle.
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Home electronics made chic

Light, sound, action. With the SYMFONISK speaker lamp you can have it all – and now it comes with a new rattan shade. Natural and musical, what’s not to love?

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A hand holds a SYMFONISK sound remote next to the SYMFONISK bamboo shade on a black speaker lamp.
A SYMFONISK bamboo shade on a black speaker lamp base sits on a table. A rattan mirror is on the wall behind.
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Stay connected when you’re apart

You’re never far away from family and friends. With everything you need always at hand and safely charged, you’re as close to them as you are to your home.

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A mobile phone lies on top of a white LIVBOJ wireless charger on a kitchen countertop between a laptop and bowls of food.
A person sitting on a sofa in a living room and using a laptop which is on a black BRÄDA laptop support.
A mobile phone lies on top of the base of a NYMÅNE work lamp with wireless charging which is standing on a table.
A black NÄVLINGE LED work lamp stands on a cork SUSIG desk pad on a desk near a black LIVBOJ wireless charger.
A bamboo BERGENES holder for mobile phone/tablet sits on a desk holding a tablet near a diary, a pen and a mug.
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A LADDA rechargeable battery, HR06 AA, with a battery capacity of 1900mAh, is lying on a yellow surface.

Say hello to rechargeable batteries

IKEA has switched from alkaline AA and AAA batteries to rechargeable ones. Find out more about LADDA rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and sustainability here.

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