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Privacy Policy

Every day we work to improve the daily lives of as many people as we can, not just with our products and collections, but also with our services. Sometimes we have to gather information to do this. We don't just gather information because we want to. After all, we're talking about your privacy and we think we should be totally transparent about the whole issue.

Our commitment to customer privacy

In any event, we feel it's important to explain to you the following:

  • We gather your data to make your shopping experience at IKEA the very best, paying attention to your specific wishes and always with total transparency.
  • We are transparent and honest about the data we collect about you and the reason why we do it.
  • We want to offer you a better experience with IKEA, and so we are always looking for ways to surprise you. To do so we need to get to know you better and adapt ourselves to your preferences, personal situation and tastes. When we use your personal information to obtain more complete information about you, we do so in accordance with legislation, and when necessary, we'll ask you for permission to do it.
  • We fully understand that your data belongs to you. Therefore, you can tell us at any time if you no longer authorise us to process it.
  • We guarantee your security and we process your data in line with European law.

For more information about these issues, see the various sections below on our privacy policy:


Which personal data do we gather?

The personal data that you usually give us are:
• Your name, address and date of birth.
• Your invoicing address and your delivery address.
• Your telephone number and email address.
• Your information about payments and returns. However, if you manage a payment via our website or at our store, we won't keep this information in accordance with current legislation. Your data shall be sent directly via the payment gateway to the payment services provider.
• The IP address, which we collect when you make online purchases to prevent fraud.
• Any other information you decide to share with us.
Depending on the use of new technologies for different initiatives, we may collect different types of data, which we shall duly inform you about in each case.
Remember that the data you provide us should be sufficient and relevant. If the data you provide us is false, incomplete, inaccurate or out of date, IKEA reserves the right to terminate the contracted services or any contract that has been signed. You may share other additional information with us besides your personal data, especially if you register for the IKEA FAMILY Loyalty Club, which shall appear as linked to you, such as:
• Number of family members.
• Academic qualifications.
• Your preferences regarding your home and decoration.
• Your shopping history of products and services with IKEA in physical stores and online or via any other IKEA channel.
• The characteristics of your house: type of home, square metres, style of decoration, decoration projects.
• And any other information that you decide to share with us.

Who is the controller of your data?

IKEA IBÉRICA S.A.U., if you shop or contract services at the stores in the Peninsula except for Barakaldo, and IKEA NORTE S.L., if you shop or contract services at the store in Barakaldo (or at the Pamplona collection point), are the organisations responsible for gathering your information.
Postal address:
IKEA IBÉRICA S.A.U.                                              IKEA NORTE S.L.
Avda. Matapiñonera 9                                        Centro Comercial Megapark s/n
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes                    48903 Barakaldo (Bizkaia)

Why and what do we process your data for?

We use the data you give us in different ways, both when you visit the physical IKEA stores and via different sections of the website, and other situations such as when:
• You register on our website.
• You ask us to send you the yearly catalogue.
• You ask us about our products or order something that requires you to identify yourself.
• You make a purchase online or at a store.
• You ask to be informed about the availability of a product.
• You ask for an appointment for one of our services.
• You become a member of the IKEA Family or IKEA BUSINESS clubs
• You participate in service quality surveys or give your opinion about IKEA products
• You contact the store or the Customer Team and you tell us where we can write to you or how we can get in touch with you by phone or email.
• You return a product or make a complaint.
• You participate in a competition, prize draw, or other promotional activity organised by IKEA.
• You register for an activity at the store.
• You leave your child in the Play Area while you visit the store
As you can see, we can process your data for different purposes. You can choose what we use your data for. However, we should inform you that there are some purposes that are necessary for us to provide the services you ask us for or to complete your purchase and to be able to identify you:
Purposes related to contracting:
We need your data to manage your orders for items that you have selected in our stores, or if you want to shop in IKEA or contract one of our services online at the website or in the physical stores of IKEA. We keep the information in case we need to check that you have bought or contracted something with us at a particular time. In such cases we only collect basic and contact data. If you do not provide it, we won’t be able to offer you the contracted service or locate you when the item you have ordered arrives.
Purposes that require your consent:
Carrying out marketing campaigns and preparing a marketing profile using automatic means based on your personal preferences, by analysing your shopping habits and history at the physical stores of IKEA and on our website. This enables us to offer you IKEA products and services and/or third-party products and services with which IKEA has come to a partnership agreement, which include but are not limited to payment institutions and the financial sector.
If you give us your consent, we can prepare and/or enrich your profile so as to get to know you better using statistical and mathematical procedures, including obtaining information about you from public sources, such as the promotional census, telephone directories, lists of persons belonging to groups of professionals that only contain data about the name, title, profession, activity, academic qualifications, address and indications as to their membership of the group, daily newspapers, official bulletins and the media.

Your relationship with IKEA shall not be affected if you do not authorise us to process your data for commercial purposes, although we won’t be able to offer you products and services that are specially personalised and adapted to your needs.

We also require your consent to record your basic contact details if you decide to leave your child in the Play Area while you shop or if you decide to register on the website of IKEA. Likewise, if you participate in an IKEA activity in which photos or videos are taken, we will ask you if we can circulate them.

When you use our website and fill in the contact forms, we shall collect information about the products that you want to buy, your email address and other data. If you do not complete your order, we may contact you (using the details you gave us) to offer you our help to finish the purchase on our website. This is an optional service and you can choose not to receive this type of message whenever you like by following the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of any message.

Purposes based on the legitimate interests of IKEA:

IKEA understands that as a customer you won’t expect us to be interrupting you constantly while you shop or to obtain your consent for each interaction with IKEA that involves processing personal data. We think we can offer you a personalised experience with the IKEA brand and to do this we can: 

Send you commercial information about IKEA products, services, promotions or events and recommend products or services similar to the ones you have contracted in the past, especially if you are a member of our IKEA FAMILY Loyalty Club. This includes sending you congratulations on the indicated dates. These messages shall be sent to you by any channel of contact you’ve provided, preferably by email or other electronic system. We may use algorithms and various automated tools to compile and send out advertising material. However, we do not make decisions on an automated basis when these would have significant consequences for you. We can also offer you advertising on the website that is adapted to your tastes, preferences and interests.

 Draw up a socio-demographic profile of customers and adapt the marketing information of IKEA to your characteristics and to your possible preferences, tastes and interests in an anonymous, non-personalised way for purely internal use.

 Internally analyse the data and prepare studies, reports and statistics for purely internal use to help us to see how we can improve services, products and our website.

IKEA also understands that its legitimate interest in communicating with its customers and users takes precedence over the right of customers to not have their data processed without prior consent. However, you can always oppose the use of your data for these purposes at any time. Other uses of data based on legitimate interests are:

  • Prevent fraud in shopping
  • Record your voice to maintain service quality and use the recordings for training purposes.
  • Serve you and provide you with the Customer service you require to resolve your queries and questions and resolve any issues you might have.
  • Contact you when we launch a safety warning about one of our products.
  • Send you quality surveys about the services provided.
  • Sending invitations to evaluate IKEA products
  • Collect your data when you fill in a complaint or congratulations form.
  • Communicate your data to companies in the IKEA Group for internal administration and invoicing purposes, to efficiently manage our databases as well as to provide us with services that enable us to operate on a day-to-day basis and offer our products and services.
Purposes based on compliance with our legal obligations:
To comply with the legal obligations that IKEA has, we have to manage personal data about invoices and associated documents, and to respond to complaints from customers and from Public Authorities. In some cases we have to provide information to the authorities or third-party companies for auditing purposes. We also have to manage your data to respond to complaints within the legal period and when we supply you with replacement parts for items.

When do you provide us with personal data?

Security cameras
All our stores are equipped with cameras that are necessary to guarantee your security and that of our staff, and to protect our products. The camera images are deleted after 30 days at the very most, unless there are justifiable reasons for storing them for longer (e.g. if they form part of a police investigation).
Playing at Småland
We haven't forgotten about our smallest visitors. They can play the way they want at Småland while the adults take a look around the store. To allow your child to play in Småland, we need information about you, such as your name and telephone number, and your child's name and age. That way we can make sure that the right person collects the child and we can contact you if anything happens to him or her. At some of our stores this information is collected by IKEA and its staff, while in other stores the Play Area is managed by an external company that is responsible for recording your child's data. In either case, the registration data for the Play Area shall only be stored for a maximum of one week, unless it is necessary to keep it for longer, for example, to resolve any kind of complaint or enquiry, or because you have authorised us to send you advertising about children's products.
Use of our Wi-Fi
You can use our Wi-Fi for free when you visit any of our stores. This service is provided by an external provider contracted by IKEA that manages all aspects of the Wi-Fi service. Once you have logged in, some data about you is automatically compiled, such as the identification number (MAC address) of your device. This information shall be deleted after one year and may only be used to avoid any undue use. If illegal activities or access to prohibited content are taking place on the Wi-Fi network, the provider may block access to the device that is being used.
Your purchase receipt
You may well end up buying an IKEA product or service when you visit one of our stores. When you pay, the transaction data will be recorded to finalise the order. For tax reasons we are obliged to keep details of the receipts, and the documents related to them such as requests for invoice duplicates or VAT returns over ten years. 
If you show your IKEA FAMILY card when you finish your purchase, we will link the data of the transaction to your IKEA FAMILY account. When we do this, we can also apply any discounts that are available.
At IKEA you can take charge of everything, but you ought to know that we're always willing to lend you a hand. For example, we can help you install your kitchen, assemble your PAX wardrobes, or take your shopping home.
If you contract a service, we record certain types of information about you. We need your address to be able to provide the service in your home, along with your email address and telephone number to keep you up to date with scheduled appointments or to see if you're satisfied with our service. When necessary, we share this information with external service suppliers who manage these services on our behalf. For example, the transport service needs to know your name and address to take our products to your home. These external service suppliers can only use your data to provide the service under the conditions agreed with them by IKEA.
We keep the data about your shopping so as to answer any questions or manage any complaint about our services.
If you use your IKEA FAMILY card when you finish your purchase, we will link the data of the transaction to your IKEA FAMILY account. When we do this, we can also apply any discounts that are available.
You can celebrate a birthday in the Restaurant at some of our stores. To do this we need to record the basic data about the person making the reservation, but we don't need to record the complete names of the children that will be there or save sensitive data about their diet. We would ask you to accompany your child at the event so you can enjoy a really happy birthday.
Vehicle rental
¿What can you do if your car isn't big enough for all your shopping or if you don't have your own vehicle? You can rent a vehicle at some IKEA stores to take your IKEA purchases home.
IKEA does not lease the vehicles; one of our partners offers this option at a number of IKEA stores. You need to provide some information to rent a vehicle, which shall be protected by the privacy policy of our leasing partner. This information is not transferred to IKEA. Only when it is necessary for leasing the vehicle and for short periods in exceptional circumstances, IKEA may manage the documentation required by our partner solely to facilitate the vehicle leasing process and to comply with the necessary guarantees.
Tools for easier shopping
We know there are times when you need a bit of help, that’s why at some stores we provide pushchairs or prams to take your baby with you, and we keep a simple record to make accessing them a simple process for all our customers. In some stores you can also ask at the Recovery Department or the Desván so they can lend you some tools to disassemble the articles you want to take home. When we do this we’ll only keep the forms that record the loan for a week at most. You will have access to kiosks where you can create your own order, or simply make a shopping list. In either case, we will advise you whether you will need to pick up the items from the location indicated in the order, or whether you can pay directly at the cash desk. We will store your telephone number and/or your email address for one year, after which we will permanently delete it.
Lost/found objects
You may have been a bit forgetful in one of your visits to IKEA, and that sometimes means that lost or forgotten objects appear in our stores, left with Customer Service by other customers. If this happens, we record your basic contact details to call you or make a note of the personal item that was lost, in case we find it again. After a week we destroy these forms unless it is necessary to keep them for longer so as to return an item to its owner or report it to the authorities. In such cases we manage these items in accordance with the regulations of each Autonomous Community where the store is located.
Save the furniture
Sustainability is one of the underpinning principles of IKEA. If your furniture complies with the necessary requirements it can be sold to IKEA and an expert from IKEA will assess it. Then you'll receive an email indicating if IKEA wants to buy it and the appraisal based on the current price. In exchange, you'll receive a card from IKEA for the value agreed in the offer.
We need your contact details in order to send photos of the furniture and contact you, and to formalise the sale and comply with the legal obligations of IKEA, and so we will keep your data for 10 years so as to justify this transaction for tax purposes.
Participation in a promotion or an event
We regularly organise promotions, events and mini-events at our stores, such as drawing competitions, exhibitions or workshops. It's important for us to know who is participating for organisational reasons. We also use this data to send you information about the time and place of the event or to send you a reminder just before it takes place, and to contact you to let you know if you are the lucky winner of a prize.
We need additional assistance for some promotions or events, in which case we will share your data with external service providers. These external service providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding service. Therefore, they cannot use this information for their own ends or pass it onto third parties.
If you have an IKEA FAMILY account, your participation will be linked to your IKEA FAMILY account.
Leave your opinion
You'll find posts available at the store where you can leave us a note about your opinion of your experience at IKEA. We'd love to hear from you. If you want you can leave us your contact details; we won't use them for anything else other than to answer your questions or queries.
IKEA Ambassadors' Club
The aim of the IKEA Ambassadors' Club is to create a community of people who love our products, services and the IKEA brand, in which its members can have first-hand access to contents and information and enjoy experiences provided by IKEA. .
If you have completed your application to join our Ambassadors' Club, we may use your data if you give your consent to contact you once in a while by email and offer you information about IKEA promotions or events that you might want to participate in.
Shopping online
If you make an online purchase, the data of your transaction will be recorded to process the payment. For tax reasons, we are obliged to retain the details of each purchase for ten years.
If you pay with a credit card, we may run a fraud check to see if the credit card is being used or may be used for fraudulent transactions. We do this based on the country where the credit card was issued, your postcode and your country of origin. In this case, the decision will be taken entirely on an automated basis. Legally this can be considered as a necessary stage in the process ensuring the fulfilment of your purchasing contract. If we find that your credit card is being used or may be used for fraudulent transactions, we will inform you and you won’t be able to complete your online order with that credit card – you’ll have to use another payment method. In that event, an automatic check will be made.
To deliver you the goods, we need your delivery address, email address and telephone number so we can keep you up to date with the delivery. We also store data about your purchases so we can answer any query about the guarantee, along with any other questions or complaints about the product and to show that you have shopped with IKEA. We store the data for at least five years.
When necessary, we will share this information with external service providers. For example, the transport service needs to know your name and address to take our products to your home. These external service providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding service. Therefore, they cannot use this information for their own ends or pass it onto third parties.
We work with an external provider that operates outside the European Economic Area. This provider processes the data exclusively for managing online shopping and to prevent payment fraud. We have signed standard clauses with this provider that guarantee the correct management of the data they have access to.
IKEA Store App
When you use the IKEA Store app, IKEA does not store your data, IP address or MAC address. For IKEA, users are anonymous, so we cannot process or monitor specific data. The IKEA Store app stores your data if you begin a session with an IKEA FAMILY account, but only for the duration of the session. The data is not stored with IKEA, but on your own smartphone or tablet. In other words, we will know that you are a member of IKEA FAMILY, but not what you are using the app for. This is the data that will be stored on the app which you have installed on your device:
• First Name and surname(s)
• IKEA FAMILY card number if you activate the digital card.
The data that has been gathered will be deleted when you end your session on the app or when you uninstall the app from the device.
All IKEA Store app user data that we use for statistical purposes is anonymous, and it does not contain any personal information.
This data enables us, among other things, to know whether you have begun your session as an IKEA FAMILY member. We can also see which functions you have used, and which pages you have visited, but always on an anonymous basis.
Find out about the presence of chemical products in our products
You can ask IKEA questions about the presence of chemicals in our products. We only use the contact details to answer your question and we delete them as soon as we have replied.
Arrange an appointment

Do you need help in designing your kitchen or advice about how to furnish your home? If you do, you can arrange for an appointment online. We will record your name, postcode, telephone number and email address to contact you about the appointment.

We will also use the data you have provided to contact you, and for budget monitoring purposes, as well as to send you surveys about the quality of the service you have received. If you authorise it, we may also offer you information about IKEA products and services which we think may be of interest to you on the basis of any preferences you indicate when you complete the survey. We may also use the information we have gathered to undertake an internal analysis so that we can offer you better products and services. Please be advised that we work with an external supplier in the United States who complies with Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), as a guarantee that your personal data is correctly handled. This supplier will use the data exclusively for the purposes described.

IKEA products planner
Before making a purchase (online or via our staff at an IKEA store), you can use one of our planning tools to help you to design your own wardrobe, lamp or even bathroom. Some of these planning tools enable you to save your design and receive a code that lets you recover it. This is all done anonymously.
Shopping lists
¿Have you seen something you like? Put it on your IKEA shopping list.
¿Ready? Print your shopping list and take it to an IKEA store or check to see if you can order the product online. You can also send your IKEA shopping list by email. We will store your email address for sixty days at the most.
You can also save your shopping list. When you log in to your IKEA FAMILY account or your IKEA profile on our website, your shopping list will be saved for as long as your account or profile remains active or until you delete the products from the list.
When you form part of IKEA FAMILY, you belong to our family. And family members always give each other special treatment. For example, there will always be a cup of tea or coffee waiting for you, you can take part in our activities for free, and we have special prices and offers available just for members, to name just a few of the benefits.
If you become a member of IKEA FAMILY we'll ask you for your name, email address and date of birth. We need this information to register you as a member of IKEA FAMILY. We also use your data to send you your IKEA FAMILY member's card. To do all this, we share your data with an external provider that prints out and sends you your IKEA FAMILY card.
We also ask you for information so that we can get to know you better and personalise the offers we show you. For example, we might ask you about your family members or the house where you live, what's its style or what part of the house you want to work on.
The purposes behind why we process your data as a member of IKEA FAMILY are as follows:
  • To process and manage your profile in the IKEA FAMILY Club.
  • To issue electronic invoices (E-ticket)
  • To analyse your shopping habits and history, both online and at IKEA stores, so as to send you personalised and improved offers of IKEA products and services thanks to automatic profile creation.
  • To send you advertising from third-party companies linked to IKEA and financing offers from collaborating financial institutions, payment institutions you use to make purchases, and collaborating companies in the insurance, domestic and home furnishing sectors.
  • To prepare and/or enrich your profile in order to get to know you better via statistical and mathematical procedures, including obtaining information about you from public sources.
  • For sending out surveys on IKEA products and services.

  • To check that your data is correct, to correct spelling errors that you might make when completing the forms used and to prevent fraud in membership of the Loyalty Club of IKEA FAMILY.

  • To offer a browsing experience that is better adapted to your preferences and presents you with advertising of IKEA products that are adapted to your browsing patterns, using the information we have about you.
  • To send you surveys about the products you buy at IKEA
  • To improve the IKEA FAMILY Club website and ensure that its contents are presented as effectively as possible on your computer or mobile device.
We will give you a unique IKEA FAMILY number. This unique IKEA FAMILY number enables you to log in easily onto our website ( and, for example, prepare a shopping list, shop or design the kitchen of your dreams.
Whether it's details about your purchases, designs you created with our planning tools, contact with our Customer Centre or an event you participated in, we make sure that your data is saved for as long as you are an active member of IKEA FAMILY.
We analyse all this data to better understand customer requirements, and therefore improve the shopping experience at IKEA. We also pay constant attention to the global perspective to enable IKEA to constantly improve.
When you become a member of IKEA FAMILY, you can indicate if you want us to contact you by postal mail, SMS or email for marketing purposes.
That way we can contact you if we have something we think might attract you (new products, unique offers, inspiring workshops, etc.) or if we want to tell you about something. This allows us to send you alerts when the kitchen you always dreamed about, the one you designed using our kitchen planning tool, has gone down in price, or to ask your opinion about a product that you bought.

Membership of the IKEA FAMILY Club may entail the transfer of data to third parties in the event that you request an electronic invoice (My Tickets) from financial entities or Public Authorities.
IKEA shares data with various companies that supply services to IKEA, and that require access to the data in order to properly administer the IKEA FAMILY Loyalty Club. With these companies we have signed the appropriate contracts containing the necessary safeguards to ensure that the data is protected. The relevant companies include those that send out advertising material through various channels, companies in different sectors that help us to analyse IKEA FAMILY Club customers, as well as companies belonging to the IKEA Group (based within the European Union), to oversee the proper administration of the Loyalty Club data. Similarly, in order to improve the service we offer you, your personal data may be transferred within or outside the European Union for the following purposes: to send commercial information via a supplier who complies with Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), or if you use the Rating and Reviews under the Privacy Shield.

If you don't actively use your IKEA FAMILY account or you stop using it, we will delete it after five years.
Click here to become a Family member.
IKEA profile on our website
If you want to make use of our services, such as the IKEA planning tools, or if you want to shop online but without becoming a member of IKEA FAMILY, you can create an IKEA profile on our website by entering your name, address, email address and telephone number. We need this information to set-up your profile.
If you have logged in to your IKEA profile on our website, you can save your shopping list or the design that you have created with the help of our planning tools.
If you don't actively use your IKEA FAMILY account or stop using it, we shall delete it after five years.
Subscribe to the IKEA newsletter
If you want to keep up to date with the new collections, special products, offers and ideas to inspire you, you can subscribe to the IKEA newsletter. We will register your name and email address to manage your request.
To ensure that the IKEA newsletter matches your tastes as much as possible, we will ask you a couple more questions so as to get to know you better and we will also link your online shopping data and your browsing behaviour on our website to your IKEA newsletter profile so as not to send you information about a sofa you've just bought or a style that you don't like.
We keep this profile until you unsubscribe from the IKEA newsletter.
Every time you receive an IKEA newsletter, you have the option to unsubscribe.
Commercial purchases can be made at IKEA using an IKEA business account. You'll need to provide us with some information, in particular, the name of your company, your own name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address. We will also need to know the legal structure of your business and the sector in which it operates. Finally, we will need your tax identification number and the number of staff you employ, along with valid proof of your identity. This information is necessary to register you as an IKEA BUSINESS customer and to process your orders.
As soon as you unsubscribe as an IKEA BUSINESS customer, we shall delete your data.
For tax reasons, we are obliged to keep the invoicing details for ten years.
Your opinion matters
We like to know what you think about our products. You can leave your opinion on our website under “write an opinion” when you log in to your IKEA FAMILY account or your IKEA profile on our website. To obtain more information about the conditions of use of Rating & Reviewing. We work with an external provider, Bazaarvoice, which operates outside the European Economic Area. This provider processes your data exclusively to provide services linked to the tool that enables you to leave your opinion about products and it also offers guarantees for your privacy as it is part of the Privacy Shield.
Contact with Customer Services
At IKEA, you have a complete team of professionals at your disposal every day, ready to give you advice, answer your questions, solve problems or help you buy a product. Our Customer Centre can contact you through a number of channels: by telephone, via our web chat room, email, social networks or at our Customer Centre in-store.
If you contact us by telephone to ask a question, for example, or to complain about a product you bought, we will record the conversation for quality and for internal training purposes. This means that your question or complaint may help to improve our Customer Centre. In any case, we store the recording for a maximum of thirty days.
If you have any questions or complaints, we need you to give us certain information, such as your name, email address, telephone number, and sometimes other types of information needed to manage the query or complaint. We will also use the data to inform you about progress in the management of your question or claim. When it is resolved, we will keep the information for five years to enable us to provide you with better service if you need to contact us about the same issue in the future.

If you wish to use our chat facility, the purpose of the data handling is to be able to resolve the queries that may arise in respect of online shopping, preparing the shopping list or queries on the status of your order, or to enable you to contact IKEA if you are seeking an answer to a question, to resolve a problem, or if you simply want to give us feedback about our service.

In many cases, you will not need to identify yourself, although there may be occasions when, in order to be able to help you, we will need basic contact and identification details (name, surname(s), telephone number, email address and, if strictly necessary, your National ID number) - as well as the information you provide in relation to your query. We may also record your IP address so that we know what country or town you are contacting IKEA from, but we will not know your exact geographical location. The IKEA chat facility will never ask for details of your credit card, your bank account or any other financial information. The IP address that we record will be stored for a maximum period of one month.

The legal basis for the handling of this data is the pre-contractual relationship established with IKEA, the execution of a contract, the fulfilment of legal obligations and the legitimate interest in the form of your query or the question you ask us. Data will not be shared with third parties, except under legal obligation. You are advised that while you are using the service, you should not provide any sensitive personal information (such as information relating to your health), nor information relating to third parties.

You can contact us using the freephone number 900 400 922 from 09.00 to 22.00, Monday to Sunday, via the  available or the Customer Services email address:
Social networks
IKEA uses social networks to keep you up to date with the latest trends and products, to provide a behind-the-scenes look and offer smart solutions. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
IKEA has set some conditions for the use of social networks, but in any case, you should accept the conditions established by the social network platform itself.
Contact IKEA on social networks
If you contact us via social networks with a question, we shall save the message and the name of your account to enable us to answer you. Click here for information on how to contact our Customer Centre.
We work with an external provider that operates outside the European Economic Area. This provider processes the data only when you decide to contact IKEA via social networks and when it is essential to use the data to contact you. We have signed standard clauses with this provider that guarantee the correct management of the data they have access to.
IKEA Spain advertising social networks
IKEA uses the advertising opportunities offered by social network platforms. We show you adverts based on the social network data compiled with your consent, such as the fact that you follow us, that you are interested in interior design or that you live in a certain area. IKEA has no influence over the nature of your data stored on social network platforms. This is specified in the terms and conditions of each social network platform and can normally be adjusted by configuring your profile in social networks.
Work with us
If you decide to apply for a vacant post at IKEA, we shall register your data in our portal for candidates and we shall keep your CV for at least two years, during which we may contact for future selection processes. Click here to join our job offers section.
More information about our privacy policy
Creating profiles on the website
If you are a member of IKEA FAMILY, have an IKEA profile on our website or have subscribed to an IKEA newsletter, your data will be linked to your IKEA FAMILY account, your IKEA profile on our website or your IKEA newsletter profile. This enables us to get to know you better and we can tailor our communications in line with your interests.

Which third parties do we share your data with?

In some cases, we send your data (only when necessary) to third parties. However, we will never sell your data to third parties. As we mentioned above, in some situations we work with external service providers. These external service providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding services. Therefore, they cannot use this information for their own ends or pass it onto third parties. We may share the data we gather via cookies with the parties that create them. This is explained in greater detail in our Cookies Policy. The law may also require us to disclose your data to public organisations or other parties. If that's the case, we will only disclose what is strictly necessary.
When required, the following categories of third parties may know your data:
  • Postal mail workers.
  • Email processors.
  • Printers.
  • Distribution companies.
  • Companies working in transport, storage, assembly and installation, apparatus collection and environmental management, waste collection, disassembly and removal of old items.
  • Household appliance technical servicing companies
  • Payment providers.
  • Companies that analyse the use of the IKEA website on behalf of IKEA.
  • Companies that personalise the IKEA website.
  • Companies that make our Customer Centre accessible via social networks.
  • Other companies that provide services to IKEA and that need the data in order to provide those services
  • Companies in the IKEA Group, including but not limited to: IKEA IT AB, IKEA Services B.V, IKEA Retail Services AB and IKEA Business Service Centre. However, we have made the relevant agreements with these companies that act as data processors for the safeguarding of your personal data.

Where is your data stored?

We use a number of applications to obtain and store certain types of data. These applications are subject to strict regulations to ensure your privacy. Most of the data is stored within the European Union. As regards data sent to countries that don't belong to the EU, we only use companies that offer sufficient protection in line with European legislation. In some cases we have providers that have Binding Corporate Rules or who have joined the “Privacy Shield” framework. Likewise, we use Standard Contractual Clauses to send data to other countries and third parties. If you want to know more about the guarantees we offer in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us.

Security and confidentiality of your data

At IKEA we endeavour to guarantee the security of your personal data when it is sent outside the IKEA Group, and we ensure that these companies respect confidentiality and that they have the right mechanisms to protect it. All such companies are obliged to ensure that the information is processed in accordance with the laws and regulations concerning data privacy.

How long do we keep your data for?

IKEA shall keep your data for the time required in order to comply with the purposes for which we gather it (i.e. provide a service or manage a request you make), and to comply with any legal obligation deriving from processing the data in accordance with the data retention policies of IKEA. When they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were gathered, they will be deleted whenever possible and when this is not possible, they shall be blocked and kept available for the Courts and Tribunals, or the relevant Public Administrations, in particular the data protection authorities, to comply with any possible responsibilities deriving from processing the data.
Links to other websites
There are a number of our partners’ websites on our website, When you click on a link, a partner's website is opened. Once you are in one of our partners' websites, your visit shall be subject to their own privacy policy.

What should you do with “fake messages”?

Offers of prizes that do not actually come from IKEA frequently circulate via email, social networks or text messages. They usually offer a gift voucher. These “phishing” promotions illegally use the name and logotype of IKEA to obtain personal data or to deceive you and get money:
  • We recommend that you always check who the sender of the email is. You can recognise the official emails of IKEA from the email address of the sender: or
  • IKEA does not use WhatsApp to send prize promotions.
If you are unsure if an IKEA email or a promotion (prize) is real, please contact us. On the website of the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute ( you'll find more information about what you can do to use the Internet securely.

Do you have any questions or complaints?

If you have any questions about your data, the way we manage it or about this privacy policy, or if you want to exercise your data protection rights, you can contact IKEA via email or by writing to:
Avda. Matapiñonera 9
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes


If you are a Family member, you can make any changes to your personal data directly in your Family profile, or send a request about your data and other issues relating to your login and password to the email address:
If you have any complaints about, for example, the way in which we use your data or how we answer your questions on privacy, you can report it to the Spanish data protection authority.
If you want to know what data we store about you, don't hesitate to ask us. If any data is incorrect, we will change it. What's more, you can always change any information in your IKEA FAMILY account or your IKEA profile on our website at any time.
IKEA has appointed a Data Protection Officer. If you have any questions about how your personal data is processed, please write to To resolve any other issues and provide you with a better service, we recommend contacting Customer Services.
However, we should inform you that in some cases, for example, when you finance a purchase with the partner institutions of IKEA, we shall not be responsible for the data, and will only act as mediators in the process. That is why if you want to make a request related to your data, we recommend that you contact the company directly.

What rights do you have over your data?

Right of access to your personal data
You are entitled to obtain a copy of the personal data that IKEA has about you, about itself and information about how we use it. Generally speaking, such requests are processed at no cost to the data subject.
Right to rectification
You can ask IKEA to update or rectify the information that IKEA has about you.
Right to erasure
You can ask us to delete your data, although this may mean that we cannot provide you with a service.
Right to object to and to restrict of processing
You can object to the processing of your personal data or ask for it not to be used for certain purposes.
The right to data portability
Whenever the necessary requirements are complied with, you can ask for your personal data in a commonly used electronic format, and for it to be transmitted to another third party of your choice.
The right not to be subject to automated decision-making (including profiling)
You are entitled not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated decision-making. 
The right to withdraw consent
If you have given your consent to any specific data processing, you should know that you can withdraw your consent at any time.  
The right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency
If you are dissatisfied with or worried about how we respond to your request, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Can this privacy policy be modified?

Yes, this privacy policy can be updated. This privacy policy was updated on 18/01/2019. We recommend that you read this privacy policy frequently. If any significant changes are made, we will notify you separately.