Pet products

Best for your pet

If you have pets, this range is for you. We have partnered with top designer Inma Bermúdez to launch our first IKEA range for pets. LURVIG has been created to help improve every aspect of life for our pet dogs and cats.

Comfort for your pet and functionality for you

All products have been designed to guarantee home comfort and fun for your pet. Explore the possibilities of products which can be used in different positions to suit the individual dog or cat.

Integrates with your KALLAX shelving unit

If you want to make the most of your space without sacrificing the comfort of your pet, you can place the basket and the cat house in the compartments of your KALLAX shelving.Your pet will feel cosy and safe

"I share my life with three dogs, and I’ve always wished there were good products for pets at an affordable price. As an animal lover, I am proud and delighted to have been part of this project. I am so happy to encourage people to spend more quality time with their pets"

Inma Bermúdez, designer of the LURVIG range