Christmas tree decorations on a branch with a wooden horse and STRÅLA lighting nearby.

Celebrate Christmas in style

Whether you like a "less-is-more", minimal approach, or full-on holiday glam, we have all the Christmas decorations and lights that will turn your home into a festive wonderland.

A child decorating a Christmas tree with a mixture of red and white VINTERFEST decorative ornaments.

Decorating the Christmas tree is always great fun. Mix up those baubles and ornaments you've been collecting for years with a few new decorations from our latest Christmas decoration ranges to give your Christmas tree a contemporary twist.

A table prepped for Christmas with STRÅLA LED table decorative lighting, VINTERFEST dishes and an artificial flower bouquet.

Christmas is the best time of year for a family gathering. That's why it's so important to get every detail right and decorate the table with love, especially Christmas decorations, centrepieces, candles, and even some decorative lighting for the most sophisticated dinner tables. 

A table to gather around at Christmas

We all know that we can often get caught up in Christmas dinner preparations and forget to be innovative and original with our presentation. That's why this year we've made it very easy with our range of Christmas tableware and dishes that are guaranteed to leave your guests amazed.

Three-tier serving stand on a table with sweet and savoury snacks.

Serve your canapés or snacks on a tiered serving stand or even a fruit bowl. You'll give your table an extra dash of sophistication, save some valuable space and the table won't seem so crammed with food.

Three white VINTERFEST leaf-shaped side plates and two round serving bowls on a white tablecloth.

A set of leaf- or flower-shaped dishes and bowls will ensure your dinner table is perfectly balanced. What's more, their very organic shapes, which are typical of the Scandinavian style, will be perfect for any occasion the whole year round.

Clear glass VINTERFEST serving bowl filled with red and white striped sweets on a white tablecloth.

Take a look at our ideas for the perfect party dinner table that will leave your guests amazed.

For starrier days and nights

Warm lighting makes the holiday season more magical. With the STRÅLA collection, you can adorn windows, walls and tables and be surrounded by whimsical lighting 24/7.

A table prepped for Christmas with STRÅLA lighting and VINTERFEST tableware.

Some sparkling Christmas-themed stars hanging from the ceiling of your living room will add some magic to your home this holiday season. We have a whole range of different shapes and sizes on offer, because no two stars in the universe are the same.

STRÅLA candelabra on the windowsill with a VINTERFEST horse and a white vase with blue stripes.

LED Christmas decorations are perfect for those small nooks. What's more, LED candles don't burn, don't give off any heat and you can re-use them year after year.

Colourful Christmas fabrics and patterns

Our holiday textile range is joyful and rich in patterns, inspired by our Scandinavian heritage. They work just as well for messy baking sessions as they do for Christmas holiday decorations.

Christmas gifts wrapped in kraft paper with labels

Reds and purples, fabrics and Nordic patterns are all synonymous with Christmas. Be brave and add some textiles to your decorations for a home that's in perfect harmony.

VINTERFEST red and white tea towels wrapped around utensils and a sprig of flowers.

If you're feeling especially creative, try wrapping your gifts with Christmas textiles. Not only is it super original, but you'll be eco-friendly too, as they can re-used year after year.

Christmas gifts wrapped in paper

Take a look at our gift-wrapping ideas and surprise your loved ones this Christmas.

Gift ideas this Christmas

The best Christmas toys let the little ones enjoy playtime, while they learn and develop their perception, logic and artistic skills. And IKEA toys are just the ticket this holiday season.

Room for everyone

Christmas is all about spending time with family members we don't get to see very often. That's why it's a great idea to always have an extendable or folding table and folding chairs on hand for that extra loved one.

Wooden dining table set for Christmas dinner

White dining table and white chairs with a three-tier serving stand in the middle

Party the night away

Time flies when you're at a Christmas party, having fun with friends and family. So make sure you have a plan B just in case a guest needs a bed for the night. Our sofa beds and divans are the perfect solution for those extra surprise visitors.

An improvised fika-inspired aperitif

Store-bought gingerbread, homemade or somewhere in-between? What really matters is being together while enjoying something good to eat. Combine the VINTERSAGA range of treats with Swedish food specialities to bring the yumminess to every feast.

Milk chocolate on a VINTERFEST leaf-shaped plate and heart-shaped biscuits in a tin.

At IKEA, we have all the ingredients for you to become a chef this Christmas. Take a look at our gingerbread biscuits recipe.

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