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Cookie Policy

In order to offer you the best service via our website, and in line with our constant concern that you should have the best possible experience as a customer, IKEA uses cookies to record your browsing preferences. Below, we explain what cookies are, what they do, what type of cookies we use and how to deactivate them, should you wish to do so. When you continue to browse through the website of IKEA we understand that you accept this Cookies Policy.

¿What are cookies?

Many people are concerned about their privacy and the use of “cookies” when they navigate on the Internet. Cookies are small files that can be used to store certain types of information that you have already supplied when you navigated through the website. The website of IKEA uses cookies to log your preferences (i.e. it can remember what web page of the IKEA store you saw, to make your next visit more comfortable by showing you information about what you visited before). These cookies are sent to your browser and are stored on your device. However, if you don't want to have any cookies, you can deactivate them at any time in the options section of your Internet browser.

¿How do we use them?

Cookies are used to capture information about the way you browse and interact with the website. Once this information is collected, it is analysed simply to improve and optimise your browsing experience (e.g. showing products that might interest you more). However, cookies are never associated with your personal data, neither do they obtain information that can be used to identify you.

Examples of how we use cookies

  • To remember the items in your shopping list.
  • To calculate the number of visitors that access our website and ensure that there is sufficient capacity to make it fast.
  • To improve the functioning of the web, e.g. by ensuring that users easily find what they are looking for.
  • To ensure the functionality of certain services, such as the ones for payment.
  • To recognise your user login so you don't have to re-enter it on every page you want to see.
  • To show adverts that most closely match your interests.

¿What type of cookies do we use?

The cookies we use at to improve your experience as a customer are as follows:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies enable us (amongst other things) to remember the items of your shopping list or what point of the order process you've reached.
  • Analytics and/or performance cookies: These cookies enable us to know about users' behaviour on the website of IKEA and, therefore, improve the way in which the page responds to our customers' demands.
  • Functional cookies: These cookies are used to recognise when you return to our website. This enables us to personalise your contents, greet you by name, record your preferences and offer you a live chat room to find out your opinions about the website.
  • Traffic log cookies: These cookies log your visits to our website, the pages you see and the links you follow. We use this information to design our website and show the adverts that best match your interests. To do this, we share the information with third parties. These cookies enable you to share the page that you are looking at, indicate that you like it and send the information to other pages to personalise its adverts.
  • Target cookies: They are used to enable you to share contents and click on "I like it" and to send information to other websites to personalise your advertising.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: These cookies enable us to know about the behaviour of users on the website of IKEA and, therefore adapt our advertising to their behaviour.

If you want to know more about our own or third-party cookies that we use on our website, consult the information in our List of cookies.

This list is updated as soon as possible whenever the services offered on the website have changed. However, sometimes during these updates the list might not include a cookie any more, although reference will always be made to cookies with purposes identical to the ones recorded in this list.

As you can see in the list, many cookies are of the “session” type, which means that they will disappear as soon as the session ends (when you close the browser). Other cookies are permanent, which means that they will be saved on the computer for a time.

Our list includes the time period for which the permanent cookies will be stored on your device.

The cookies we use at are processed by IKEA IBÉRICA S.A., by IKEA SERVICES A.B. and by INTER IKEA SYSTEMS B.V., without ever being sent to companies or persons outside the group.

Your permission for us to use cookies, and how you can deactivate them

When you access our website for the first time, a window is displayed that asks you to indicate if you accept the cookies.

If you do not want an optimal experience when browsing through our website, you always have the option of rejecting the use of cookies on your device. However, when you do this, you may have a less satisfactory browsing experience that may even be defective. To deactivate the cookies, simply change the configuration of your browser. For more information, visit the cookies deactivation guidelines for the four most commonly used browsers (Firefox Mozilla, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari).

Bear in mind that if you block the use of cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas of our website, and some of its features may not function correctly. For example, you won't be able to use the shopping list, or make purchases online.