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What’s new in the IKEA range

A breath of fresh air for your bedroom

RÅGODLING storage boxes and clothes covers make reorganising your wardrobe a breeze. Breathe new life into your bedroom with GLESSTAR duvet cover and pillowcases and TELEGRAFLINJE rug.

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A bed with GLESSTARR duvet cover and pillowcases is in front of open wardrobes with RÅGODLING clothes covers hanging inside.
A MYRHULT lampshade hangs above an IDANÄS bed frame. GLESSTARR duvet cover and pillowcases in dark/blue white are on the bed.
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A person dressed in a tracksuit made of STRECKFLY pre-cut fabric in black/white leans against a tiled wall beside a curtain.

Old souls in new suits

With this latest release of the Nytillverkad collection, we invite you to explore bold patterns, optimistic shapes and unconventional solutions. Inspiring design from the ‘60s and ‘70s, adapted for the future.

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Effortlessly organised – done in a dash

Time to switch your seasonal clothing? Don’t worry – RÅGODLING hangers and storage boxes can help you tidy up your wardrobe in an instant.

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Video: A person places a key in a box that’s part of a stack of RÅGODLING storage boxes with lids. The boxes disappear magically.
On a grey and white checkerboard floor, RÅGODLING coat hangers are arranged in the shape of a flower on two SORTSÖ rugs.
RÅGODLING clothes covers hang in an IDANÄS open wardrobe. Four RÅDODLING storage boxes with lids are on top of the wardrobe.
RÅGODLING storage boxes are on a windowsill. Two boxes are tipped over. One is open, revealing the checked pattern inside.
A RÅGODLING box with compartments set on the edge of white table holds ribbons, spools of thread and other sewing kit items.
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