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What’s new in the IKEA range

A woman reads a book in the light of a SAMMANLÄNKAD LED solar-powered table lamp. Behind her is a colour-striped sofa.

    Switch on the sun with the SAMMANLÄNKAD collection

    In collaboration with Little Sun, we want to give more people access to solar energy. Start the journey towards a solar-powered world through functional and beautiful lighting.

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    Feast and have fun together with the new ÖMSESIDIG collection

    See it, style it, love it

    These cushion covers add personality wherever you use them, and they also tell a unique story. They are the latest pieces made by Rangsutra, a community-owned social business that creates jobs for skilled artisan women in India.

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    A closeup look at multicolour, handmade pom poms on a DVÄRGNARV cushion cover, with another cushion behind it.
      A white bench under a slanted ceiling with a LINDSVÄRMARE throw and pillows with DVÄRGNARV and TÅGHAKMAL cushion covers.
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