Back to school

It's time to start getting ready to head back to school, college or university. Homework and study time might be just around the corner, but having a comfortable and quiet space that aids concentration makes studying so much easier.

Everyone is entitled to lower prices

In addition, complete it with our desk lamps

In addition, complete it with our desk lamps

Desk accessories at home from 4€

Children's tables

A children's desk or table won't take up much space at home and will guarantee the comfort they need for homework and study time.

Children's desks

Have you seen how fast boys and girls grow? The highly adjustable PÅHL desk is the perfect solution: enhanced comfort for studying and a work desk they can keep using again and again.

Children's desk chairs

We don't (yet) have chairs with superpowers to make studying easier, but a chair in their favourite colour will make them feel really special. Let them choose their own chair and combine it with a white desk!

School and craft materials

Coloured pencils, pens, markers, watercolours, scissors, children's blackboards etc. We care about children's health: Products in the MÅLA series are non-toxic and have CE marking to certify European conformity. 


Notebooks, pencil cases, weekly planners, clipboard, notebooks, clips, tape etc. At IKEA, we have stationery at great prices. Take a look!

Desk organisers

Organising notes and materials makes studying much easier: an orderly and harmonious environment is great for your concentration and makes it much easier to find what you need.

Work lamps

Good lighting is essential for studying and reading comfortably. Take a look at all our LED work lamps and choose the one you like the most.


As we have seen, we do not always study at home. So take your notes, your school supplies and your computer, store it in your backpack and get going.


We always need more room to store books, notes, photos ... With our multifunctional bookstores you can have everything you need in order.


A desk? A computer table? A folding board? Our multifunction desks will serve you for everything you can think of.

Desk chairs

Chair for home or office? We have professional chairs for more intense use and chairs for your home that are very comfortable for paperwork.

Mobile accessories

We have eerything keep in our smartphones, tablets or laptops. So keep them ready whenever you need

All ready to head back to school?

Summer is over and it's time to get back to the classroom. It's time to start putting everything together in your backpack ready to head back to school: school materials, stationery, books etc. But it's also time to set up a comfortable space for studying and doing homework.

Put an inconspicuous writing table or small desk in the lounge ... letting you keep an eye on the kids while they're doing their homework.

If they want more privacy or to concentrate better, you can also put the desk in their room.


Back to school, done differently

Heading back to school can be a real uphill struggle. Getting children to join in choosing their school materials, desk or desk chair can be a great way to get heading back to school off to a good start.

A chair in their favourite colour, an original desk lamp, a board they can use to practise maths and draw on and have fun ... small things that make their study space truly THEIRS.

Now you're ready to head back to school!