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VINDRIKTNING Air quality sensor

VINDRIKTNING Air quality sensor

Price $ 12.99
USB-C cable and USB power adapter are sold separately.

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Do you want to know more about the air you breath in your home? Check the air quality based on particles (PM2.5) with this stylish and easy-to-use sensor – perfect to combine with FÖRNUFTIG air purifier.

Article Number605.159.11

Product details

This sensor checks the air quality by detecting particles (PM2.5) in your home.

Use your own power cord and adapter to easily turn on and use the sensor. You just need to connect it to a USB-C cable and wait a few seconds.

A light indicates 3 levels of air quality – green (good), yellow (ok), and red (not good).

Recommended to combine with FÖRNUFTIG air purifier. When the air quality is not good in your home, turn on FÖRNUFTIG air purifier to enjoy a good level of indoor air quality.

Place it in the living room, bedroom or other rooms where you spend a lot of time. With its small size, you can easily move it from room to room so you can rest assured that the air quality is good.

Works just as well in small and large rooms, since the air quality is usually similar throughout a room.


David Wahl


Width: 52 mm (2 ")

Depth: 52 mm (2 ")

Height: 86 mm (3 ½ ")

Ratings and reviews

NoiseIlseIt makes so much noise, we turned it off the same day. We live too far away to return it, unfortunately. 1
Needs a read out with some numbers stating the air quality.AnneNeeds to have a read out with some numbers stating the air quality. Every where I placed it the read out was green.1
Handy to have - DavidDavidHandy to have - David5
What are they thinking?ChrisThis device is intended to sit on a table and display air quality. This means it is permanently powered. There is no way to power it in the box, and I am expected to buy a separate USB cable and wall plug now. Contrary to what these companies think, I do not have hundreds of cables and plugs lying around my home, so I have to buy these extra now. Also, this is greedy because while I am sure they could have included these items at a wholesale cost to them for a little more money, and I would happily pay $20 for the whole kit, they now want to sell me over $25 worth of extra product, with their profit margins, in order to properly use this product. I guess I am heading over to Amazon now to complete my Ikea purchase.1
Genius in design and soJaneGenius in design and so easy to use. If you suffer from allergies, have pets or are concerned about health issues from gas like formaldehyde then get it. Absolutely amazing how well this works and I was skeptic. We bought two and I am buying all of the children some for their homes.5
Wish it had wifi toDavidWish it had wifi to control fan5
love itMiriamIt is an awesome product. Love it. Use everyday to check the air quality in general. It should come with the charger cord included4
Very Helpful product.FrancineVery Helpful product.5
No cord comes with itJasonPay attention when purchasing... for some reason it does not come with the cord needed for it to work. Ridiculous. Luckily, I had one in the house that matched it, otherwise I would have had to make the drive back just to get a cord. Other than that, simple and easy to use.2
Works but is not very sensitiveRaynWhile this device is working as intended, as an other review stated it isn't very sensitive and the "Good" air quality indicator is a bit misleading, it's not working based on typical AQI standards so you might have a lot of pollutants in the air like pollen and it won't necessarily turn yellow to warn you. This device only works as a very gross indicator for significant AQ drops, people with particularly sensitive airways and noses should look for a higher performing device. I purchased a pair of FÖRNUFTIG purifiers and noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the AQ of my basement overnight despite this device having been in the green for weeks beforehand so there is room to improve on this product's reading accuracy.3
Good build quality and priceDawnDefined cutoff values for the traffic light indicators are not based on WHO and US AQI guidelines and may produce a false sense of security. With that knowledge, it's better than no sensor for people without respiratory sensitivity.3