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Bedroom Inspiration

Turn your bed into a lazy family hang-out

Let the biggest bed in the home become a lazy hang-out for the entire family. Make it cozy for everyone, bring out snacks and drinks for all, roll up a trolley of finger food, and watch a film.

Easy to reach, easy to eat
With just a bit of prepping, little else has to be done once everything, and everyone, are in place. Let your headboard or bedside table become a super accessible refreshment stand.

Roll in the snack buffet
Even doing nothing calls for a bit of nutrition. Stack up on fruits, snacks and drinks to make the moment special and keep tummies happy.

Shh! The film’s about to start!
You have the snacks and the drinks, comfy seating and an audience that isn’t going anywhere soon. In other words, it’s time to set up the projector, adjust the roller blind (that’s now a screen) and roll the opening credits.

Bedroom Gallery (view all)

The most relaxing place in your home starts with a comfy bed and bedroom furniture that looks great and organizes all of your things. Whether you need to unwind from a busy day, or want extra space on the bed for the kids (and the family dog), IKEA has a great selection of beds, mattresses, blankets, and dressers. You’ll love our selection, and our prices will have you in dreamland in no time!

Bedroom IDEAS (view all)

A good night’s rest isn’t just about a bed – it relies on a room that makes you feel relaxed. So, make your sleep space work for you with bedroom furniture, textiles, and smart storage that’ll keep your bedroom cozy and clutter-free.

Bedroom Series

Our bedroom sets come in different styles, sizes, and colours - and at affordable prices. There are also a lot of options to mix and match, so that you can furnish with your own personal style.

HEMNES bedroom series

Our HEMNES bedroom set is a nod to traditional with the future in mind. Made with solid wood from more sustainable sources, each piece is designed to age beautifully over time. Comfy beds, dressers and more – all in a choice of classic shades – this is a bedroom you’ll love for years to come.

MALM bedroom series

There’s more to the MALM bedroom set than meets the eye. A bed with built-in storage? Check. A chest of drawers that can double as a bedside table? Ditto. Sleek and simple, with loads of clever ideas for compact living, this collection gets a double thumbs up for both form and function.

How to

A woman waking up in bed.

Good night, everyone

When it comes to mattresses, one size doesn't fit all. People are built differently. People sleep differently. We understand this, which is why our range of mattresses offers you a wide choice of materials, support and price levels; everything you need to find a perfect match for you.

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Falling back asleep

Night shift? Pull down the black-out blinds and catch up on some sleep. With layer upon layer of different types of curtains you can easily change your bedroom from daylight to darkness, and everything in between.

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Bedroom Services

You can do everything yourself, but you don’t have to. We offer a range of services to make your life easier.