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Bring Home to Life with inspiring ideas for your bedroom

A large bright bedroom that was captured using the IKEA Kreativ tool

Design your dream bedroom with IKEA Kreativ

Bring your dream bedroom to life visually, in immersive mixed reality, with IKEA Kreativ. Scan and design your room as much as you want, so you know everything will fit and look great – from a new bed to all the accessories. Get inspired and start creating your dream bedroom today.

Start designing

Mix it, match it, love it

A good print or pattern deserves to be seen, and this season is a lot about flowers. Mix and match textiles and accessories featuring black and white florals for a maximalist look that’s still elegant, calming and cohesive.

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A JUNGFRUNÄVA duvet cover and pillowcase in white/grey floral sits on a bed, with a black pillow also visible.
    An IDALINNEA cushion cover in anthracite sits on JUNGFRUNÄVA duvet cover and pillowcase on a bed with a black metal frame.
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      How’s the light in your bedroom?

      From block-out blinds that let you sleep undisturbed by outside light to graceful curtains that create beautiful effects when the sun shines through them, our range has a lot to help you get the right light in your bedroom.

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      A KLEPPSTAD bed stands in front of a window with a TREDANSEN block-out cellular blind and ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains.
        A pair of SANDSVINGEL curtains hanging in a window of a bedroom near a SLATTUM upholstered bed with SILVERTISTEL bed linen.
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          A more relaxing bedroom with an organised wardrobe

          A well-organised wardrobe where you can find your clothes quickly and easily will help you turn your bedroom into a relaxing, sleep-friendly oasis of calm.

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          A white KLEPPSTAD bed with ÄNGSLILJA bed linen stands in front of a white KLEPPSTAD wardrobe with sliding doors.
            A walk-in wardrobe/workspace with partly open SKYTTA/HOKKSUND sliding doors containing a BOAXEL wardrobe combination.
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              Looking for a new bed or mattress?

              Comfort comes as standard on all our beds and mattresses. So whether you’re ready to invest in a new bed, or are in the market for a mattress, sleep tight in the best comfort that suits you, your sleep style and your budget.

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              A person sits on a bed with an uncovered white ÅKREHAMN foam mattress on it and pushes down on the mattress with one hand.
              A corner of a white LUDDROS pillow protector with a pillow visible inside and the zipper half open, on top of a grey sheet.
              A woman lying in an upholstered bed with dishevelled white and green bed linen, showing the ÅSVANG foam mattress underneath.
              A dark grey IDANÄS upholstered bed with a white sheet and a duvet and four pillows dressed in white ÄNGSLILJA bed linen.
              A duvet lies crumpled up on top of a mattress protector on a VALEVÅG pocket sprung mattress on an IDANÄS bed frame.
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              Bedroom series for easy coordination

              You can choose matching bedroom furniture sets from one of these series.

              KLEPPSTAD series – Bedroom essentials that are great value for money
              HEMNES bedroom series – Traditionally-styled solid wood furniture with lots of flexible storage options
              NORDLI series – Including a big choice of different sizes and shapes of chests of drawers

              Great storage systems for your bedroom

              Wardrobe closets and more to help you keep your clothes organized and your bedroom tidy.

              AURDAL system – Open storage that's easy to adapt to your needs
              PAX system – Personal storage where you can choose exactly what you want
              JONAXEL system – Open for easy access, at prices that are easy on your budget

              Planning and consultation

              Personalized advice from specialists

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              Home furnishing

              Help with interior design

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              Return policy

              If you’re not totally satisfied

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              Payment options

              How to pay, in store and online

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              Get a good night’s sleep in your bedroom

              IKEA bedroom furniture is the result of years of researching how people live and sleep at home, and is designed so everyone can achieve amazing, restorative sleep. 

              A personalized and quality collection of bedrooms

              We consider all lifestyles, tastes, and needs when it comes to designing functional and comfortable bedroom furniture.

              Our affordable bedroom sets are based on years of researching how people live and sleep at home, and are designed so everyone can achieve amazing, restorative sleep. From comfortable mattresses and soft bed linens to modern bed frames and blackout curtains, you can rest assured knowing you'll be sleeping in style and luxury. 

              Multifunctional bedroom furniture

              Our bedroom series offers a wide selection of furniture to customize the style and décor of your bedroom and provide multiple functionalities while you sleep. For example, IKEA bed frames can have convenient storage drawers under the bed or a headboard with integrated shelving. You can choose from a variety of bedroom furniture styles, from contemporary to a more traditional look, to create the desired ambiance and get a good night's sleep. 

              Create the perfect modern look for your bedroom or stylize a rustic feel for your guest bedroom. Find how to maximize your sleeping space with daybeds, or a sleeper sofa. Get inspiration for toddlers, kids, & teens with kid-friendly bunk beds, desks, colorful bedroom décor and other accessories.