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Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are, discovering the world and then starting their journey to independence. So having the right things at home can make it a little easier. From the day you bring them home until they’re almost all grown up, our children’s furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

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Cozy comfort at the heart of their space

Our children’s beds offer more than just comfort for a good night’s sleep. There are a lot of options to meet different needs, like bed frames with built-in storage or extra beds that can be pulled out for sleepovers. Shop Cribs or Children's Beds.

Let the bed be a joy to look at, as well as sleep in. The MINNEN extendable children's bed in dark yellow is beautiful with details resembling the sun’s rays. But most importantly, the bed grows along with the child — without lightening the wallet.

A dream come true for small chefs

In this complete play kitchen set, your child can cook, bake and wash up, just like the master chefs on TV, and let the family taste the new, yummy recipes.

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