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Natural beauty for your living room

Layer neutral tones and organic textures to bring the natural beauty of the outside world indoors. Think cozy and calm to create a space that is not only comfortable - but uniquely you.

Better materials
Bright living room styled with natural tones and textures with beige BACKSÄLEN sofa and white coffee table.
Cushion with striped earthy tones sitting on beige BACKSÄLEN sofa with a lamp and plant behind.
Better materials
IKEA Sell-Back Program

We’re giving IKEA furniture a second life

With our sell-back service it’s never been easier to re-use, recycle and reduce. You can receive in-store credit and give your used IKEA furniture a second life.

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Relax your space and your sleep will follow

A calm bedroom is a suitable place to start if you want a good night’s sleep. IDANÄS bedroom series not only helps keep your clothes and clutter tidy, but also brings a heap of soothing style to your sleepy sanctum.

See the IDANÄS bedroom series
A FÖRNUFTIG air purifier and decorative storage on top a white IDANÄS chest of drawers in a bedroom with deep-red walls.
See the IDANÄS bedroom series

Storage in all the right sizes and styles

VIHALS series – Functional asymmetry that lets you optimize storage for just about any shape and size
ELVARLI system – An open wardrobe system ready to combine into a perfect fit for your home
HAUGA living room series – Versatile, traditional-style storage with a price that’s easy to love


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They say a house doesn’t make a home. And that’s wholeheartedly true. Because YOU do. Along with your memories, experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Your home is an extension of yourself, and your furniture should support that.

That’s why a sideboard isn’t just soulless storage. It’s a collector of memories. Where you keep precious souvenirs from your travels, and photos of your family. A kitchen shelf isn’t necessarily just for keeping utensils, but also a window into your culture and identity, keeping all the spices, cookbooks and decorations that make up your taste.

We have made it our purpose to have a wide range of affordable furniture available. All to make sure you, and your personality, can truly shine through in all aspects of your home.

Check out our selection in your nearby IKEA store in Canada or buy your furniture online from the comfort of your home.


The most crucial furniture for your living room

Many of our homely hours are spent in the centre of our homes: the living room. Endless movie and series marathons in front of the tv. Late-night gatherings with friends and family. Cozy Saturday brunches. They all take place here. And so, you need a furniture arrangement that is suited to all of those activities. Consider the space you have to work with, and the kind of furniture you think you might need.

If you have a larger living room, why not go all-in with a big sofa and make the room into a parlour for guests and entertainment. Get a matching coffee table and one or two armchairs for extra storage and seating. That way, there’s a comfy place for every one of your friends and family, and your home will look great too.

If you live in a smaller space, you might want to fit even more kinds of living inside your living room. Perhaps a daybed or a sofa bed is a better choice, so the room can double as a bedroom or guest room. Add a coffee table with storage, and a small pouffe instead of a bulky chair, and you’re sure to maximize the use of space. And you’ll still be able to fit several guests in there.


The core of your bedroom

The bed is destined to be at the centre of the bedroom. After all, we do spend a third of our life sleeping. But our well-being and ability to get a good night’s sleep isn’t entirely dependent on the bed. The overall interior and feel are equally important, as you want the bedroom to be a calm and soothing place. To achieve that, you can work with bedroom furniture in different colours and materials and add lots of textiles and bedding to create a cozy atmosphere.

Add a soft carpet so your feet can land on something warm in the mornings. Use layered curtains for that hotel feel, with light fabrics for privacy, as well as heavy ones for dim-out and sleep. Paint the walls in a peaceful colour. Darker ones are very popular and will help you relax, making it easier to fall asleep. Try adding elements of wood for a peaceful impression, like racks for your robe and clothes, or nightstands. Last but not least, make sure the room is de-cluttered. A messy bedroom can end up in a messy sleep. But now, you’re well on your way to catching some Z’s in peace.

Find everything you need for a calm, soothing bedroom in our Bedroom furniture section.


The heart of the kitchen

The heart of the kitchenMany believe the kitchen to be the heart of the home. And we agree! It’s where meals are prepared, where families gather throughout the day and where so much time, effort and love go into caring for those around you. So many everlasting memories are created here, through long and cozy breakfasts, romantic dinners and hazy, happy home parties. So how do you make sure your kitchen is as hearty as your memories? By creating something that you truly love.

Get those colourful and dashing kitchen cabinets that you’ve always dreamed of. Or that elegant and slick quartz countertop. Carefully choose those handles, faucets, and sinks that go perfect together. Put up that brass-coloured kitchen backsplash that you were afraid might be a little too much. It really doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it reflects you.

Find everything you need for your new dream kitchen here.