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Feel good and work better

Work with ease using LIDKULLEN active sit/stand support. It stimulates active sitting by a mechanism that provides constant movement and motion. With its beautiful minimal design, clean lines and rounded edges, it is not only an elegant addition to your home, but a healthy one too.

Wall-mounted workspace

Need a desk at home but don’t have space for an office? Make room to pursue your passions while saving on space by incorporating a desk into your wall storage. With the SVALNÄS system, you can create a custom wall-storage solution tailored to you. Made of bamboo, it’s hard-wearing, sustainable and takes up minimal space.

A free-flowing desktop

Sometimes everyday life has you criss-crossing your home in search of free chair and table space. Collect your essentials – including drink and a snack for that precious pause – on a tray and you’re ready to go with the flow.

New Lower Price

That’s the root of IKEA. No matter how great a design, it doesn’t mean anything if people can’t afford it. That’s why we’re always working to lower our prices. We want as many people as possible to be able to have a quality mattress, the right bookshelf, or just a perfect vase, and still have money left for all the other things in life. Because part of creating a better everyday life, is recognizing that there’s more to life than furniture.

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Home furniture does more than fill your room

It’s there for you, day and night. Whether it’s a sofa that invites you to relax, a dining table that hears the day’s stories or a shelf that holds your memories, we think furniture can help create a better everyday life at home. That’s why we’re here!