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Make your dream kitchen a reality
When it comes to your dream kitchen you shouldn't have to compromise. IKEA SEKTION kitchens can be completely customized, with thousands of combinations to choose from. Choose the style you like, the colours you like and make it as organized as you want. And for do-it-yourselfers, IKEA kitchens are designed for easy setup. We also offer services at all steps of your remodel if you're more of a do-it-for-me type. Kitchen services.

Kitchen Series

Organized utensils means more space and a better flow in the kitchen. The KUNGSFORS and VARIERA series gives utensils, spices and recipes their place on the wall and in your kitchen drawers. Making it easier for you to cook a quick meal or gourmet dinner.


It starts with good ideas

Every great kitchen starts with a good idea. Get inspired to start renovating your kitchen with our kitchen showroom gallery. Find the IKEA kitchen that speaks to your style and get details on how to recreate the look in your home.

Kitchen Knowledge

Because you want to get your kitchen right the first time.

A kitchen countertop with drawers open.

Start planning now

Helping you bring home the goods.

Kitchen Appliance Bundles

If you are looking to buy your kitchen appliances in a set. IKEA has appliance packages to suite your needs. We offer stainless steel and white appliance finishes, and our appliances have a 5 year limited warranty to keep you cooking for years to come. Browse our appliance packages below.

Kitchen accessories for under $10

A kitchen to enjoy for many years

25 year warranty on SEKTION kitchen systems

10 year warranty on kitchen faucets

5 year warranty on kitchen appliances

Four ways to plan your new kitchen

planning checklist

Planning checklist
Keep in mind before visiting our kitchen experts in-store or in your home, please have the following in mind to make your planning as easy and efficient as possible.

In home planning service
Our Kitchen Experts can help you create your dream kitchen based on your needs, taste and budget.

In store planning service
See a kitchen expert in store for a one-on-one session to review your kitchen plan and answer any questions.

online planning pictogram

Plan online
Plan your kitchen online using our online planners.

Kitchen brochure and buying guides

Find plenty of inspiration for your new kitchen, and learn more about how to customize the SEKTION kitchen system in the online kitchen brochure. Buying guides provide product information regarding our kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks and faucets, and kitchen lighting. We also have a guide for planning your new kitchen, as well as a guide on kitchen installation.

What's New

You can plan it yourself... but you don't have to

A little girl hanging off her Dad's back while he is trying to measure the walls to install a new kitchen.

Making your new kitchen happen can be tough – especially when life happens too. So if you want us to measure, plan, deliver, or install yours, we’ll happily help out. For more info visit