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AFTONSPARV Children's tent, rocket white/red

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Who doesn’t dream of becoming an astronaut or exploring new planets as a child? By using the imagination, this big cardboard rocket is guaranteed to offer hours of cosiness, play and space adventures.

Article number205.564.61

Product details

The cardboard tent rocket is powered by the most sustainable fuel of all – a child's imagination. Perfect for play, but also as a sheltered nook for those calm moments before it's time to sleep.

With a little paint, your child can easily create their own unique rocket.

Role-playing is a way for children to process experiences, practice interacting with others and understand their surroundings.

Created in collaboration with children in playful sessions where they express their thoughts and ideas. Their opinions influence our decisions and make our products better. After all, they’re the experts.

With the space-inspired toys, textiles and lamps in the AFTONSPARV collection, we want to spark curiosity and inspire children.

A perfect gift for children who are fascinated by and love all things in space.


Marta Krupińska

  • Only recommended for indoor use.

    Do not hang light chains, decorations or other things on the exterior or interior of the tent in which children can get caught when playing.

    May be completed with other products from the AFTONSPARV collection.

  • Material
    Corrugated board (min. 70% recycled)
  • WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD -- Paper can be bitten into small parts. Not for children under 3 years.Keep away from fire.Recommended for ages from 3 years.This product bears the CE mark.


Diameter: 82 cm

Height: 135 cm

Width: 118 cm

  • AFTONSPARVArticle number205.564.61

    Width: 71 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    Length: 115 cm

    Weight: 3.41 kg

    Package(s): 1

AFTONSPARV Children's tent, rocket white/red

Space is infinite – just like the imagination

With the AFTONSPARV collection, we invite children to the largest playground ever. Space. An exciting, mystical and inspiring world with lots of room for creativity.

You probably did it as a child too: gazed into endless sky and fantasised about what is out there among all stars and planets. Maybe it’s something children always have done, just like the children between ages 3 and 7 who participated in one of our workshops before we started working with AFTONSPARV. “We were surprised by how much knowledge the children had about our solar system and space”, says designer Marta Krupińska. “But, since science hasn’t discovered everything there is to know about space, there’s also lots of room for fantasy and own thoughts.”

A space rocket that runs on imagination

The children’s ideas and interesting thoughts became the starting point for Marta when she designed AFTONSPARV. A matching collection that can ignite imagination and play in everyday life with cuddly space friends, textiles, lamps – and a rocket made of cardboard! “It’s big enough to fit several children, and best of all: the only thing they need to travel to new exciting places is imagination.” Some of the planets may be inhabited by aliens, several children suggested. “They had so many thoughts about aliens and how they might look. Most of the time, they were kind, and so are our aliens.”

Fall asleep to glistening planets

When the space rocket is back on Earth and playtime is over for the day, it’s time to wind down and get ready for bed. The adventures can continue in the bedtime story and the dreams. Because when the light is turned off, the planet pattern on the AFTONSPARV curtain will glow. What was that? Maybe a spaceship full of friendly green aliens. Or a shooting star, so you can make a wish…

Form design process

Created together with children

Children are the most important people in the world and we’re curious to hear what they have to say since we create products for them! Therefore, we invite children to creative and playful sessions where they get to participate in our product development. Here they can express themselves freely and draw, show or tell us what is important to them. Their opinions matter and make our products better. After all, they’re the experts!

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“When designing for children, I let my inner child take the lead. So I got in an imaginary space rocket with my design team and we flew away on an adventure. Before the trip we met enthusiastic children who told us everything about what we would encounter among the stars ¬– and assured us that aliens are nice creatures. I hope that the discoveries we brought back to Earth will go hand in hand with the unlimited imaginations of children and their vast knowledge of space.”

Designer Marta Krupinska