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Hooks & wall organisation

Don’t know what to do with all your things? Think vertical and start using your walls to free up space and keep your home a bit more tidy. Wall storage and wall organization is something we truly believe in at IKEA, and we make sure that you can customize it after your needs.

A small yet stylish hallway

No hallway is too small to leave a big impression. Using contrasts – like here with a white hanger and lamp against a darker wall – not only guides your eye to where the coats go, but also sets an elegant mood in the room.

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The branch-like shape of a wall-mounted, white TJUSIG hanger contrasts against a hallway painted grey.
A coat hangs on a branch-shaped, wall-mounted, white TJUSIG hanger next to a mirror in a corner of a room with grey walls.
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Work wonders with wall organisation

Create a calm and balanced look by putting up some wall shelves with a simple design that will blend in with the rest of your interior. The result is a de-cluttered and more organised space, even when you’ve got lots of stuff.

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Three LACK white wall shelves with a green trailing plant in a plant pot, a white magazine file and various items on top.
A wall with BERGSHULT/PERSHULT wall shelf combinations full of books and boxes, a curtain hiding a TV and two cabinets below.
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How do I install wall hooks for organization?

To install wall hooks for organization, gather your tools and materials, choose the location, measure and mark for even spacing, prep the wall with anchors if needed, attach the hooks securely, test with items, and start organizing your accessories.

What are the different types of wall hooks available?

IKEA hooks offer versatile solutions for your wall space, combining storage and style. Whether it's wall shelves with hooks for decor or wall storage hooks for hanging items like hats and coats, these options enhance organization and add charm to your space. IKEA also provides children's hooks with playful designs and wall organization hooks for tidying up entryways, kitchens, and offices.

Are wall hooks suitable for both home and office organization?

Wall hooks are versatile and suitable for both home and office organization. They offer a practical and efficient solution for keeping spaces tidy and organized, regardless of the environment. Wall hooks can be used to hang a variety of items, such as coats, bags, keys, umbrellas, hats, and even office supplies.