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Sofa modules

Create the perfect seating area with our modular sofa sections. With armrest, backrest, and side table frames in so many styles, there's lots of creative freedom to make your dream sofa for your corner section. Each one is like a building block, so choose wisely from our sofa modules collection.

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More optionsJÄTTEBO 1,5-seat module with storage

JÄTTEBO 1,5-seat module with storage, Samsala grey-beigeJÄTTEBO 1,5-seat module with storage, Tonerud grey

More optionsVIMLE 3-seat section

VIMLE 3-seat section, Hallarp beigeVIMLE 3-seat section, Gunnared beigeVIMLE 3-seat section, Saxemara black-blue

More optionsJÄTTEBO Armrest

JÄTTEBO Armrest, Samsala grey-beigeJÄTTEBO Armrest, Tonerud grey

More optionsGRÖNLID Armrest

GRÖNLID Armrest, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID Armrest, Ljungen medium greyGRÖNLID Armrest, Sporda dark grey

More optionsGRÖNLID Chaise longue section

GRÖNLID Chaise longue section, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID Chaise longue section, Ljungen medium greyGRÖNLID Chaise longue section, Sporda dark grey

More optionsJÄTTEBO Chaise longue module, right

JÄTTEBO Chaise longue module, right, with armrest/Tonerud grey

More optionsVIMLE 1-seat section

VIMLE 1-seat section, Gunnared beigeVIMLE 1-seat section, Hallarp beigeVIMLE 1-seat section, Saxemara black-blue

More optionsVIMLE 2-seat section

VIMLE 2-seat section, Hallarp beigeVIMLE 2-seat section, Saxemara black-blueVIMLE 2-seat section, Saxemara light blue

More optionsGRÖNLID 3-seat section

GRÖNLID 3-seat section, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID 3-seat section, Ljungen medium greyGRÖNLID 3-seat section, Sporda dark grey

More optionsVIMLE Armrest

VIMLE Armrest, with wide armrests/Hallarp beigeVIMLE Armrest, with wide armrests/Saxemara black-blueVIMLE Armrest, with wide armrests/Saxemara light blue

More optionsGRÖNLID 2-seat section

GRÖNLID 2-seat section, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID 2-seat section, Ljungen medium greyGRÖNLID 2-seat section, Sporda dark grey

More optionsGRÖNLID Corner section

GRÖNLID Corner section, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID Corner section, Ljungen medium greyGRÖNLID Corner section, Sporda dark grey
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