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Desks & computer desks

A height-adjustable desk that has your back

If you feel good, you work better. Create an ergonomic workspace with a sit/stand desk that lets you change positions often. The important thing to remember is to move often and sit down from time to time too.

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A woman sitting in a black FLINTAN office chair by a grey sit/stand RODULF desk with a computer, work lamp and drawer unit.
A home office with a woman standing at a grey sit/stand RODULF desk with a computer, a work lamp, and a drawer unit.
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Your do-it-all table

Eat, study, paint, play or relax. BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand is as versatile as you are.

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Two beige BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stands in front of a white sofa. One holds a pile of books, the other has a roll of paper on it.
The side of a beige BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand with the cup holder attached. The cup holds white paint and two brushes.
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