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Plants & plant pots

A new buddy for your pot collection

Designed by Ilse Crawford, these classic white plant pots have clean lines that put the foliage into focus. Now comes in many sizes with the same simplistic form, you can put the pots together for a coordinated look or just use one for an uncomplicated enhancement to your greenery.

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Several indoor plants in SOJABÖNA white pots are dotted around on a dark green floor against a dark green background.
An aerial view of a few houseplants in different sized white SOJABÖNA plant pots are dotted around on a dark green floor.
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Bring the outdoors inside

Plants bring instant life to a dull corner or a minimalist room. Enhance your greenery with indoor pot plants in classic styles and simple rustic materials. Using a neutral colour palette allows you to mix and match sizes and textures easily, as well as ensuring that your plants always take centre stage.

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Houseplants in GRADVIS and SAGOGRYN plant pots sit on a black shelving unit against a curtained window. Light streams in the room.
Outdoor plants sit against a wooden fence in KLARBÄR plant pots of different sizes. Light dances across the foliage.
A spout is pouring water over a small KLARBÄR terracotta pot with a stick that says “pepper”. Another pot says “tomatoes”
A low, round GRADVIS ceramic plant pot in grey with hanging foliage sits on a window sill. Light streams in through the room.
GRADVIS and FÖRENLIG plant pots with lush plants are stacked on wooden shelving. Light streams in from the room behind.
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New artificial flowers that flourish all year long

Even more flower designs mean no waiting for your favourite blooms to be in season. The steel wire stem makes flower arranging easy as you can adjust the flower any way you want. And as they require no watering, supplements or special lighting, it’s no problem if you don’t have green fingers.

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SMYCKA artificial cherry blossom with pink leaves sits in glass vases on a dark pink cylinder in front of a pink wall.
A close up of SMYCKA artificial pink leaves on a background of dark pink walls. Light shines on them.
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