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Moving supplies

We know that moving to a new home means a lot of planning and long checklists. So, to make your life a bit easier, we've gathered all our moving supplies and essentials here. You’ll find everything from the must-have packing box to carrier bags and maybe something you hadn’t thought about yet!

What are moving supplies?

Moving supplies, essential for a smooth and organized relocation, encompass common items like moving boxes in various sizes, carrier bags for smaller items, storage cases for non-immediate needs, and trolleys for heavy item transport. IKEA offers a wide selection of these supplies.

What types of boxes should I use for packing?

IKEA offers a variety of boxes suitable for different packing needs, including standard boxes, dish pack boxes, wardrobe boxes, and more. Choose the box type that best fits the items you're packing for efficient and secure storage during your move.

How do I protect fragile items during the move?

To protect fragile items during a move, use IKEA boxes, wrap items in IKEA packing paper, and use IKEA cushioning materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Ensure items fit snugly, label boxes as "Fragile," and transport them securely in your vehicle for added protection.