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Storage boxes & baskets

Do you often run out of storage spaces? IKEA storage boxes for clothes and storage baskets are all what you need to organize your shirts, scarfs and coats. No more clutters all around your space. Discover IKEA's wide collection and buy storage baskets for clothes now online.

Storage is boring – says who?

Have fun organising things around your home! Play with different sizes, stackable designs made with 50% recycled plastic and semi-transparent patterns. Less is more, especially if you can hide the more whenever and wherever you want.

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Video: Semi-transparent RYKTA boxes stacked on top of each other with red objects inside them moving from the top to the bottom.
Different-size, stacked, transparent RYKTA boxes filled with textiles. Strands of red yarn are caught by the lid of one box.
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Organisation by the box

There are few storage challenges that can’t be solved with the right box. Take KUGGIS boxes, for instance. Stylish, stackable, lidded, and available in different sizes. Let the decluttering begin.

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A white IKEA PS cabinet with one of the doors open revealing white KUGGIS boxes, books and craft supplies.
Paperwork and office accessories organised in KUGGIS boxes, a KVISSLE letter tray, in a shelving unit and on a pegboard.
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