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Children's storage & organisation

Storage your teens will love – now with a handy tray

Your children can hone their organising skills when they hit their teens with these handy members of the TROFAST family. The mesh storage boxes and the new storage tray come in a choice of cool colours, and are perfect for giving things like clothing, tools, jewellery or other nick-nacks a home.

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A number of white TROFAST frames on the floor and wall filled with grey storage trays and mesh storage boxes holding clothes.
A young person’s hand reaching into a compartment in a light grey TROFAST storage tray holding skateboarding equipment.
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The SMÅSTAD system – storage for your growing kids

Are you looking for storage that suits your kids today and is easy to adapt and add to as they grow? Meet the SMÅSTAD system.

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Three SMÅSTAD/PLATSA chests of 3 drawers stand in a row under some fish decorations hanging from a sloping ceiling.
Three white SMÅSTAD wall cabinets on a blue wall with the door of the middle cabinet slightly open showing games inside.
The pull-out unit on a SMÅSTAD wardrobe with two LÄTTHET hooks and clips on it holding a string of beads and some photos.
A white SMÅSTAD wardrobe with pull-out unit in a child’s room with clothes on the hanging rail and a bag leaning against it.
Three NÖJSAM boxes containing soft toys sit inside a SMÅSTAD box which has been pulled out from under a SMÅSTAD bench.
See the SMÅSTAD system

 How to choose children's toy storage?

Giving toys a tidy home is child's play with our toy storage. Our storage combinations selection merges different frames with your choice of storage box and shelf. It's easy to add to or adapt your combination as your kids, and their toy collections, grow and change. Plus, the boxes make carrying toys easy, and are available in a wide range to match your little one's room theme.

 What accessories do kids need on their desk?

 Bright and bold pens, notebooks for every subject, stacks of colorful paper, and organizers to keep them all sorted… Who doesn't love a fully loaded desk? Kids are no exception! Buy IKEA children's desk accessories and watch your kids enjoy every drawing and piece of homework.

 Which chest of drawers to buy for children?

 With storage that’s their size, it’s easier for kids to learn to be tidy and organized. That’s why we make our children’s chest of drawers at a height kids can reach on their own. The rounded handles are designed for tiny hands, too. But our kid’s drawers are just as roomy as grown-up ones. Place your order now online

 Which storage is good for children's books?

 Kids seem to accumulate lots of different stuff. But it can all be stored in the same place – a toy box. We have a wide choice of children's boxes & baskets to hold all kinds of things from toys to books. They can help make tidying up easier, faster and maybe even more fun. You can now buy children's boxes online.