Kitchen & appliances

A kitchen outfitted with various coloured kitchen cabinets and in varying designs.

Having kitchen appliances that perfectly suit your needs will save you time and effort every day, from preparing food to emptying your dishwasher. You can buy everything from worktops and hobs to a wide range of cabinets, wall storage and pantry equipment. We even have washing machines and ovens!

Get cooking (storing and organising) with our kitchen appliances series

Metallic kitchen accessories from the GRUNDVATTNET series.

GRUNDVATTNET accessories series

What every hardworking kitchen needs, our GRUNDVATTNET accessories ease the daily challenge of prepping, cooking and cleaning. Designed to make your workflow more efficient, saving you time, water and effort.

Cutlery in draw storage from the VARIERA series.

VARIERA kitchen storage series

Get more space in your kitchen. From cutlery trays to spice racks, our VARIERA kitchen storage series fits inside drawers and cabinets to give everything an proper home, so your utensils and ingredients are easy to find.

A bucket and some towels hanging from INTORP kitchen organiser series.

FINTORP kitchen organiser series

Modern organisation with that traditional look. Our FINTORP kitchen organiser series has clever ways to dry dishes and store utensils, and all with a traditional look. Put your wall to work and free up space on your worktop.

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