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Baby chairs & highchairs

Welcome to the table, baby! Buy high-chairs and padded seat covers from our range to safely seat your little one at mealtimes. Having kids sit on the same level at the family table develops their eating and social skills. All our baby chairs & highchairs come with a safety belt and a stable base.

Which baby chairs are easy to clean and maintain?

All IKEA baby chairs are easy to clean and to maintain as they are designed with a simple and practical structure. Some have removable trays that can be cleaned separately. Chair cushions are also machine washable.

What are the most comfortable baby chairs?

IKEA has several comfy and useful solutions for baby chairs that are perfect for any occasion. Here are some of the IKEA baby chairs that are the most comfortable.

•ANTILOP Highchair: The ANTILOP Highchair is a well-liked option that is renowned for its comfort and simplicity. It has a high backrest seat made of molded plastic, along with a safety belt. Babies can sit comfortably in the chair thanks to its smooth surface and simplicity of cleaning.

•BLAMES Highchair: The backrest and seat of the BLAMES highchair are tailored to support your baby's posture. For enhanced comfort and security, it incorporates a safety belt and a padded cushion. For your developing child, the chair also includes an adjustable footrest and tray.

•LANGUR Highchair: The LANGUR highchair from IKEA is another cozy alternative. It has a wide, padded seat that offers your baby's back excellent support. The chair also has a convenient detachable tray and a footrest that can be adjusted.

•ONSKLIG Support Pillow: While not a chair in and of itself, the ONSKLIG support pillow adds added comfort and support to any baby chair. It offers a soft, padded surface that helps keep your baby comfortable during mealtime and is made to fit most highchairs.

•FLISAT Children's Stool: Although it wasn't created to be a baby chair, your child can use this stool as a variety of seating options. Its low seat height and sturdy wood construction make it simple for infants to climb onto and off. For extra comfort, use it with a plush cushion.

Where can I buy affordable baby chairs?

Visit IKEA to find reasonably priced baby chairs. They have a large selection of highchairs and baby chairs at affordable pricing. View a variety of baby chair shapes and designs, including highchairs appropriate for mealtime. It's an excellent alternative for discovering economical options because the prices are frequently competitive.