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Cabinets & cupboards

What you keep inside a cupboard or cabinet is unique to you. Your choice of storage cupboards is too. That’s why IKEA cupboards and living room cabinets collection offers a wide range of designs – from classic wooden display cabinets to bright blue locker types and slim shoe cabinets. Shop now!

Dreamy details that delight

These cabinets have delicately crafted details that give that extra flair to your interiors. The SKRUVBY cabinet has grooved doors and a top panel with an oak expression – adding a rustic and warm feel to a room. The KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors has fine embossed detailing that adds an elegant touch.

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A white SKRUVBY cabinet with doors has one door open, and is standing against a white wall beside a sofa-bed.
A white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors, with one door open, stands in a bright living room in between two windows.
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How to display and organise with glass door cabinets

No matter how much stuff you have, a cabinet with glass doors can help you store and display things in a neat way. With the help of baskets and magazine files, even your office supplies can become a decorative display. Pro tip: group objects together in each “grid” to make it visually calm and look artistic.

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Three HAVSTA storage combinations with glass doors stand in a rustic room with books and decorative items displayed neatly.
Two BILLY bookcases with glass doors filled with tableware against an apricot-coloured wall in a rustic room.
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A young child playing with toys on a large, patterned rug next to a white HEMNES three-drawer chest.

Prevent your furniture from tipping over

Find out more about what makes a chest of drawers tip over and how you can prevent these accidents.

A new cabinet to slide into your living room

Looking for a fresh way to display your favourite items? The all-new KALKNÄS cabinet highlights anything you place in it (unless you want stuff hidden – that works, too). With its beautifully embossed sliding doors and possibility to easily add integrated lighting, it’s also a looker in its own right.

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Two white KALKNÄS cabinets with sliding doors with baskets and vases behind the glass doors and a plant and vase on top.
A white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors with integrated lighting in the top and a lower door open showing piled plates.
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How do I choose the right cabinet size for my space?

To choose the right IKEA cabinet size, start by measuring the available space's width, height, and depth. Consider what you'll store and how accessible you need it to be. Ensure the cabinet's dimensions fit comfortably within the space without obstructing movement or other furniture.

What’s the difference between a sideboard and a cabinet?

The terms are frequently interchangeable for any small, elegant storage solution whose top can also function as an attractive serving area.

Can a cabinet serve as an entryway table?

A small cabinet can easily function as a practical entryway table. Put it in the hallway to hold your wallet and keys, or maybe next to your sofa to unburden the coffee table. Try a small, light, freestanding one if you want some portable storage to move throughout your home. Or why not try one or a few wall mounted ones to create a striking impression in the room.

Are there any wall-mounted cabinets?

Some IKEA cabinets can be wall mounted. This gives you the opportunity to use space that is normally wasted. Why not hang cabinets above, or around, your TV or above your bed? If your storage needs are great, and your living is compact, wall mounted cabinets can be the solution you need.