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Cookware & tableware

Clever, durable kitchenware makes cooking easier and more fun. From chic dinnerware to modern crockery, tableware and glassware, our collection allows you to mix and match easily. We even have cutlery, jugs and more to browse. Stick to your favourites or change with every season – it's your choice!

Breakfast is served!

All the mugs, bowls, coasters and egg cups that make the most important meal of the day the most enjoyable too. Almost makes you actually look forward to getting out of bed.

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Mobile homes for food on the go

Food containers let you keep your food fresher, longer. Fresher food gets eaten, so less waste, more taste and no spills.

Let our kitchenware & tableware series be your perfect recipe

IKEA 365+ cookware series

The IKEA 365+ cookware series is made of durable stainless steel that’ll keep you cooking every day for years to come

SVALKA glassware series

The SVALKA glassware series has a classic, simple style that’ll look great on your table, whether it’s a normal weekday night or a festive dinner party.

VARDAGEN kitchen tool series

The timeless design of VARDAGEN, inspired by classic craftsmanship, will age with grace and never go out of style.

Why bioplastic bags?

You can keep your food at its best in resealable ISTAD plastic bags made of bioplastic, a renewable and recyclable material that saves on our planet’s resources while keeping your food fresh and tasty.

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