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Knives & chopping boards

Knives and chopping boards are the stars of the kitchen

The kitchen is where knives and chopping boards live, work and become part of your food-making team. They’re the main players for everything from quick snacks to preparing great meals.

A STOLTHET wooden chopping board with citrus fruits and vegetables is displayed on a kitchen counter.
A PROPPMÄTT chopping board in beach with a small brush and a bottle of rapeseed oil on a table beside a cloth.

You can make your chopping boards last even longer with the proper care. Use a kitchen cooking oil to treat the surface.

No more dull moments by the chopping board

Slicing, dicing, mincing and more are inevitable parts of home cooking. If you want it to be fun, too, a good chef’s knife is your best bet. A sharp blade makes the prep easier and more enjoyable – no matter how much veggies your family craves.

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A grey worktop with an empty VARDAGEN frying pan sided by cavolo nero kale and a VARDAGEN knife on a SMÅÄTA chopping board.
A kitchen worktop with chopped-up savoy cabbage and a VARDAGEN knife on a SMÅÄTA chopping board.
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Cut, peel, chop, hack, slice and dice

Made from hard-wearing, renewable, fast growing and good-looking bamboo – the APTITLIG chopping board is a smorgasbord of great qualities.

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Three APTITLIG chopping boards on a white surface, each holding various types of cheese and fruit, including figs and pears.
The side of an APTITLIG chopping board with the IKEA logo on it, with nuts and pineapple leaves on top.
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With a cloth, a hand applies SKYDD wood treatment oil to a wooden chopping board in front of a bottle of the product.

Wooden chopping boards can last longer with SKYDD wood treatment oil, which is safe for food preparation surfaces.