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 Come in and take a seat! To make it easy to find the chairs your home needs, we've collected them here. Buy our chairs online, whether it's a striking armchair, a highchair with tray, a folding chair, an ergonomic office chair or even a table with 4 chairs. Discover IKEA chair collection!

When black is the new black

Now in ever-trendy black, this LIDÅS chair with rounded seat and curved backrest means mealtimes stay comfy. It’s also super easy to wipe down and stackable to save space when needed. For instant dining sophistication, go for a full set in black or mix the chair colours for eclectic appeal.

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In front of a plain wall, a black LIDÅS chair stands alone. To the side, three black LIDÅS chairs are stacked together.
A close-up of a black LIDÅS chair from a side view against a blue background. Light shines over its smooth surface.
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More optionsPERSBOL Armchair

PERSBOL Armchair, brown-red/Tibbleby beige/greyPERSBOL Armchair, black/Tibbleby beige/grey

More optionsFRÖSET Easy chair

FRÖSET Easy chair, red stained oak veneerFRÖSET Easy chair, black stained oak veneer

More optionsTORSBY / LUSTEBO Table and 4 chairs 135 cm

TORSBY / TOBIAS Table and 4 chairs, high-gloss/white chrome-plated/chrome-plated brown/red
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Make work a better place to be

Make work a pleasure with a comforting classic that looks great in your home office. These swivel chairs are upholstered in an array of durable leathers and fabrics. With soft shapes that support your body, padded seating for supreme comfort and castors to allow easy movement.

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One TOTOSSBERG swivel chair in white and another TOSSBERG swivel chair in dark grey sit staggered against a dark blue background.
A close-up of a dark grey and a white TOSSBERG swivel chair show their soft seating. A dark blue wall is behind.
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Intimate dinners for extra guests

Host big or small dinners with a compact table that extends to welcome extra guests. Enjoy evenings entertaining, indulging in intimate conversations, or playing board games with the family. A smart and timeless design that’s easy to match with your other decor.

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An EKEDALEN dining table and matching chairs sit in front of a gallery wall. Glass lamps hang overhead.
A close up of the fabric on an EKEDALEN chair in dark wood with padded seating. Underneath is a jute rug.
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How to choose chairs for home?

Both aesthetic and utility should be taken into account when selecting chairs for your home.Purpose: When choosing a chair, keep in mind its intended use—whether it's for dining, relaxing, or working—and choose one that offers the ideal degree of comfort and support. Dimensions: For the chair to fit comfortably in your environment, pay close attention to the measurements and specifications. Interior: Choose chairs that go well with the existing decor in your home while also taking into account the overall design of the space. Browse our collection where you can easily evaluate several possibilities and make a choice that best meets your needs and preferences with the help of the IKEA website.

Are wooden chairs comfortable?

Wooden chairs can be comfy depending on their design, padding, and ergonomics. Some wooden chairs could feature padded backrests or seats for a more comfortable sitting experience. Additionally, the chair's contours and design might influence how comfortable it is. To ensure the required level of comfort, it is advised to test out several wooden chairs or read customer evaluations prior to making a purchase.

How do I choose a chair size?

When choosing a chair size, consider your body proportions, prioritize ergonomics, measure available space, think about the chair's purpose, test for comfort, and seek a design that matches your existing space decor. Prioritizing comfort and suitability for your body type will guide you in selecting the right chair size.