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TV & media furniture

We’ve come a long way from black-and-white TV units to games, on-demand movies and 3D. One thing hasn’t changed – needing TV tables or wall shelves for speakers. We also have a selection of TV cabinets and TV stands so you can cut the clutter, manage cables and get things prettied up. 

Let’s call it a TV bench – and then some

The new KALLAX TV bench is much more than just a TV bench. Its clean-line design makes it a home for everything from books to records. And more. And the best part? You can easily combine it with other KALLAX products you have at home to create a personalised storage solution that fits your needs.

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A red room with a white KALLAX tv bench with red DRÖNA boxes, vinyl records, a record player, and a CYLINDER vase on top.
A white room with a white KALLAX tv bench with KALLAX inserts with doors, TJENA storage boxes and a tv on top.
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More optionsKALLAX TV bench 147x60 cm

KALLAX TV bench, white, 147x60 cm

More optionsLACK TV bench 120x35x36 cm

LACK TV bench, black-brown, 120x35x36 cm
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Wide TV benches make more space for all the things you love

A home for your TV, sure! But these wide and spacious TV benches also make room for books, lamps and artworks. No matter what you need to store and display, you can find a TV bench that fits everything you need.

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A TV sits on top of a black BESTÅ TV bench with a table lamp glowing warmly. Dogs toys are on the grey rug underneath.
Light streams into a large room with a sage green wall. A tv sits on a white VIHALS TV bench surrounded by shelving units.
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How to choose TV furniture?

When selecting TV furniture, consider these factors: Measure for size compatibility, assess component storage needs, match room style, choose suitable materials, seek cable management options, and establish a budget.

What is a TV stand used for?

A TV stand is a piece of furniture that serves as a support for your television and provides storage for related equipment such as cable boxes and gaming consoles. It often includes features for cable management to keep wires tidy and organized. Additionally, TV stands can enhance the room's aesthetics by offering display space for decorative items and by contributing to the overall decor with various design options. Some TV stands also offer additional storage through drawers or cabinets for items like DVDs and remote controls.

What is the best height for a TV bench?

The best TV bench height is what feels most comfortable to you. Aim for the TV screen to be at or slightly below your eye level when seated. Consider your seating's height and adjust to your personal preference for the ideal viewing angle.