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Children's kitchenware & tableware

The messy magic of mixing bowls

Like a canvas of the kitchen, an empty mixing bowl stands ready to go wherever inspiration takes you. To avoid clashing opinions on what to bake, let a hat-and-apron combo show who’s the chef in charge.

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A girl in a VINTER 2021 children’s hat-and-apron combo attacks batter in a white VISPAD mixing bowl with a balloon whisk.
The elastic rear side of an animal-patterned VINTER 2021 children’s hat, adorning a young girl’s head.
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Plates and bowls to serve up happy times

How’s this for a recipe for merry mealtimes? A place mat with drawings of fruit and vegetables having fun plus plates that are BPA-free and very hard to break but very easy for your child to use.

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Milk is being splashed from a mug on a colourful MATVRÅ place mat on which some biscuits and KRAMA washcloths are lying.
A blue KALAS plate with cut up pieces of vegetable and berries sits on a table with a tablecloth with a dotted pattern.
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What kind of cutlery should i buy for children?

Selecting the right cutlery set for your children is important because you have to find the right balance between usability and safety. IKEA children's cutlery sets are made of stainless steel with round and soft edges, with plastic handles for easy carrying. Children learning to eat on their own will benefit from these instructional tools. The cutlery is easy to hold, colourful, and the perfect size for tiny hands. They're also dishwasher safe, making life easier.

What age should a child use a cup?

Babies as young as 6 months can begin to learn to drink from a cup. Start off with small amounts of liquid, and slowly increase it as they go. IKEA children's cups are made in colours that are bright and joyful, letting everyone to choose their favorite. The plastic will not crack and has no harmful ingredients for your child. 

Are children's plates dishwasher safe?

IKEA children's plates and bowls are dishwasher safe up to 70°C, and microwave safe up to 100°C, making them a reliable choice to give to your children to enjoy their favourite food!