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Candle holders & candles

Searching for ideas to render your space cosier? Here's a collection of candles, candle holders, small candles and home decoration candles. They bring a touch of warmness and relaxation to every corner. Buy candles now online and thank us later. Some details are not to be missed!

We see a pattern here

With its simple design in metal inspired by the traditional Scandinavian style, the new BERGGRAN candle holder adds a raw yet decorative feel and a crafted-looking touch to your home. Light a candle in it and turn the whole room into a cosy light-and-shadow show.

A BERGGRAN candleholder with a tea light lit, reflecting the pattern against a maroon-coloured wall.
A neatly arranged row of six grey BERGGRAN candleholders with lit tea lights in a maroon-coloured space.

Different ways to display block candles

You know what’s great about block candles? Aside from their warm glow and cosy ambiance, they’re super easy to style. You can put together several for an impactful display, or place a single one in a lantern for a subtle glow.

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A set of five lit FENOMEN unscented block candles, each on a clear glass GLASIG candle dish on a dining table.
A black URSKILJA lantern for 1 block candle with a FENOMEN block candle lit inside, beside decorative items on a sideboard.
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Use candles safely

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always use a candle holder, and make sure candles stand in an upright position. Always use a candle snuffer to safely extinguish the flame. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. Read the safety symbols on your candle’s packaging before using it.