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Don't have much storage space in your kitchen cabinets? A shelving unit is the solution! Now you can shop all you want at the supermarket and store everything. Our shelves are also ideal for storing your tools, craft supplies and pots and pans as well.

Shelves for all of your things

Pantry shelves are no longer just for storing food. It's actually a collective name for storage racks and shelving units. Because a wine rack fits in the shelving unit in the cellar. But if the shelving is in the shed, you can just as easily store tools and boxes of Christmas decorations on it. It is all down to where you put it. We have them in different materials: wood and galvanised steel. The width of the shelves varies from 60 cm to 250 cm.

Make the shelving unit all your own

Maybe you have a party at home every weekend or you a fanatical home chef. Configure IKEA shelving units to meet your needs. With extra shelves and elements you create a shelving unit that fits your lifestyle. Choose a completely open shelf, half-closed or a closed shelf. You'll fill the shelf in no time with our range of kitchen supplies.