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Unit kitchens

Don't have the time or inclination to design an entire custom kitchen? Our modular kitchens could be the right solution for you. The flexible kitchen units and kitchenettes have standard dimensions but offer the possibility of personalising your dream kitchen right down to the smallest detail.

Ready-made kitchenettes and kitchen units

How do you survive the process of designing, planning and picking out kitchens? Often, you can't see the wood for the trees. Our kitchen units and kitchenettes are designed in such a way that they fit in nearly every kitchen, even in the very smallest ones. The nice thing about our kitchen modules is that you can personalise them to suit your taste. For the finishing touch, add cupboard lighting, drawer organisers and wall accessories to make your kitchen even more functional. The KNOXHULT kitchen cupboards have doors, drawers and shelves. They will allow you to quickly and easily install a new, complete kitchen. Just choose the handles and knobs and kitchen appliances to go with it. Our affordable LAGAN appliances fit perfectly in KNOXHULT kitchens and satisfy all of your kitchen requirements.

Budget-friendly kitchens and kitchenettes

If your living quarters are tiny, you have to be smart about how to use the space. Do you already have a free-standing stove and refrigerator in the house? Then all you need to do is pick out the kitchen units. With coordinated upper and lower cupboards, your kitchen will be whole. Want to give your cooking area a personal flavour? A back wall or wall panel offers options for quickly and simply giving the kitchen a different look. They protect against grime and grease and are easy to clean. Do you have a reasonable amount of space in your kitchen? Expand it with a kitchen island or rolling table. You can create extra storage space and turn your kitchen into an inviting place for all your friends and family. Our ready-made kitchens are budget-friendly and fit seamlessly with many kitchen décors.