Home furnishing is more than just a way to fill up your home. Your interior is always there for you, day and night. Whether it's your sofa that beckons you, a dining table that has witnessed all of the day's adventures or a shelf that cherishes your treasured memories... we think that furniture can create a better everyday life at home. That's what we're here for!

Perfect for your living room

New furniture for your living room

The EKOLSUND recliner has a soft, rounded shape and is the perfect size for any space. The armchair has three different settings, so you can choose whether you want to sit upright, recline slightly or lie all the way back for a nap

Showcase your most beautiful things – and store the rest neatly out of sight. Carefully designed detailing made from solid wood with a brushed surface gives this piece a timeless and authentic look


Add the finishing touches to your bedroom

New for your bedroom

This wardrobe combines the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture design with an oriental feel and style. This piece functions as both storage for your clothing and belongings and as the centrepiece of the room.

Covered with a soft, woven fabric that gives your bedroom a cosy feel. The headboard is comfortable to lean on if you feel like reading in bed.


Everything you need for your dining room

New for your dining room

Looking for a sustainable dining room chair? The ODGER dining room chair is made from renewable wood and recycled plastic. The curved seat and rounded backrest make this chair comfortable to sit on and easy to assemble. 

Stools always come in handy. You will always have enough seats for unexpected visitors and the stools can be stacked up when you no longer need them.  The curved wooden legs and the triangular seat give this beloved item a fresh new look.

    Free personal advice

    Could you use some help with setting up your storage space or putting together your sofa?

    Together with our specialist, you can create a storage unit, sofa or bathroom unit to suit your wishes and needs during an online appointment. This service is temporarily completely free of charge.


    Furniture for the rest of the house