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When people talk about an IKEA wardrobe, they're talking about the PAX wardrobe. But of course we have many more attractive, affordable wardrobes you can put or hang your clothes in. On this page, we've cleverly divided all the wardrobes by width. With a separate corner for corner wardrobes.

Tip: before you buy a wardrobe, measure how much room you have at home for the new wardrobe.

NEW! Wardrobe planning service

Need help designing your dream wardrobe? Let our experts help you during an online or in-store appointment.

Get the best from your wardrobe

Buying a wardrobe is no small matter. You want to be able to neatly store all your clothes and also keep it organised. Early in the morning you obviously don't want to grab the wrong thing when you're putting together your outfit. That's why you want to get the best from your IKEA wardrobe!

A few points to consider when buying a wardrobe:

  • A ready-made wardrobe or configure it yourself – does a standard wardrobe fit in your room or do you have to configure one yourself? (For example with the PAX system.)
  • An open wardrobe or a closed wardrobe – you don't need doors in a walk-in wardrobe.
  • Hinged doors or sliding doors – do you have enough space to open the wardrobe doors? Otherwise, choose sliding doors.
  • The ratio between hanging/shelving space. How much space do you need for hanging up clothes and how much do you put on a shelf? If you only need shelves, a chest of drawers might be another solution.
  • Lighting – is there enough light on the wardrobe or do you need wardrobe lighting?
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall... err, wardrobe. Do you already have a large mirror? If not, choose a wardrobe with a mirror door.