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ELVARLI system

You choose how to combine ELVARLI products to create an open wardrobe system that’s a perfect fit for you. It’s one of our most adaptable modular wardrobe systems and is lightweight and durable, too. Reach-in closet, corner clothing nook – pretty much any open space can be a wall-mounted wardrobe.

You can get a helping hand to assemble your new wardrobes with our assembly service.

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Great storage is the answer to many everyday inconveniences. Organizing our personal belongings in a tidy, practical way – means less time looking for items, and more times spent on our hobbies or with our family and friends. Take a wardrobe for example. An organized wardrobe lets you quickly locate your outfit, affording you some precious extra minutes shut/eye in the morning. An open wardrobe system is an especially flexible way to organize your home. By choosing from different modules, you can create the perfect wardrobe based on your preferences, needs, interior style and budget.

Create your own open wardrobe system

Our ELVARLI and ALGOT signature series come in different modules that can be combined and assembled in different ways. You can choose a recommended combination or have complete control over how you want to put together your wardrobe. Consider colours, sizes, styles and materials and get the open wardrobe of your dreams.

A wall-mounted closet system allows you to maximize storage space in your home. It will be easier to find your favourite clothes, shoes and accessories. Closet shelves and open storage cabinets are a perfect option when you need space for items like folded t-shirts, knits or jeans.

You can combine open and closed storage, choose shelves for your favourite things, and pick drawers based on what items you want to keep out of sight. By storing your favourite garments in the open, you make them easily accessible and part of your overall interior. If you have favourite fashion pieces that you’d like to have on continuous display, then this is a style worth considering. A recommendation is to add decorative storage bins and baskets to keep smaller items like socks organized.

Storage for every room

Our open wardrobe systems create a storage solution for any room, no matter the size. Discover the different modules, compare their measurements, and create a combination that fits your home.

Additionally, our open wardrobe systems are designed to provide you with hangers, drawers and shelves to help you organise. If the space is limited, garment racks can store all kinds of clothes such as shirts, dresses, suits and jackets. Shoe racks are a great space saving option that will fit neatly inside.

A recommendation is to add storage cases to store seasonal clothes and keep them fresh and away from dust until it's time to use them again. These can be placed either in the wardrobe or under your bed.