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BOAXEL system

Say hi to BOAXEL, an affordably priced, flexible and durable wall mounted storage system that will help you get more organised. Perfect for bedrooms, smaller walk-in wardrobes and utility rooms. You can easily adapt or add on to this open storage solution to suit your changing needs. Create your own solution or check out one of our pre-configured combinations.

Plan and personalise your home storage

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More variantsBOAXEL Laundry combination 82x40x201 cm

BOAXEL Laundry combination, white/metal, 82x40x201 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Wall upright 200 cm

BOAXEL Wall upright, white, 100 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Mounting rail 62 cm

BOAXEL Mounting rail, white, 82 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Drying rack 80x40 cm

BOAXEL Drying rack, white, 60x40 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Wire shelf 60x40 cm

BOAXEL Wire shelf, white, 80x40 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Clothes rail 60 cm

BOAXEL Clothes rail, white, 80 cm
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