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Buffet tables, sideboard buffets & buffet cabinets

There’s no need to stress over hosting dinner parties or holiday meals when you’ve got one of your biggest helpers hiding in plain sight. From buffet tables that serve as the perfect platform for laying out the roast turkey, to buffet cabinets that store away all those extra dishes to sideboards that put elegant glassware on display along with your minibar and family pictures, there’s a smart stylish solution ready to help you express your style and maximize space.

Solve storage and serving problems with sideboards and buffets

Find the perfect accent table to complement your dining room furniture and wooden floors or paneling with a wide selection of quality, affordable buffet tables and sideboards that provide stylish design options in storage. From mid-century modern to the elegant expression of wood with a rustic leaning, they’ll stand out even before they’re used as buffet servers or for people to gather around and talk as you make drinks for everyone. They also provide out-of-the way smart storage space for extra plateware, silverware, napkins and bar items in the dining room, living room or wherever you like to entertain guests.

Types of dining room storage furniture options


Sideboard buffets can be as nonchalant as an albeit charming set of drawers and cabinets that sit close to the floor. They also can put all they hold on display behind elegant glass. They’re great for keeping your bar collection out of sight until the time is right or for putting crystal decanters and glassware where the light can bounce off of them.

Buffet tables

Open stunning wooden doors to tucked away wine racks, plateware and silverware while using the top to hold elegant serving dishes. Stack the plates on top as well, hit your glass with a fork, thank everyone for coming and kindly ask them to help themselves before heading into the kitchen with your drink to let off a sigh as your buffet table does the rest.

Buffet cabinets

Solid wood, crafted details and a brushed surface make buffet cabinets a sharp addition to any room through smart storage space and charm. Let them go solo on the floor or add a matching wooden base for a vertical combination. In addition to plateware, use them to hold elegant candle holders, cookbooks or board games for after the meal.

Storage combinations

Combine open and closed storage space with the added capacity of different types of storage in one unit. For instance, you can keep that electric carving knife tucked out of the way in a cabinet or drawer down below along with plateware, booster seats, kids’ toys and napkins while family portraits and plants line shelves climbing to the ceiling up above. Or go with a hidden cabinet on the left holding your liquor and wine collection while the adjoining cabinet puts your elegant glassware on display behind sleek glass.

Base cabinets

Base cabinets rest on the floor while serving as utility surfaces or countertops in the bathroom or kitchen. Store vital items away down below while applying makeup or breaking down a chicken for dinner up above—depending on which room you’re in of course.

What are the differences between sideboards and buffets?

Generally speaking, buffet tables can tend to have longer legs than sideboards that sit  lower to the ground. While buffets are mainly used to hold plateware and anything elseyou need for entertaining for a big dinner, sideboards are used throughout the house and in the office to conveniently hold everything from projectors and party supplies to blankets and keepsakes. While buffet tables get the nod for providing an elegant platform for the  big holiday roast, elegant sideboards are more than just an extra seat once the projectorstarts rolling. They too provide an elegant focal point for serving up lunch or drinks at a holiday party.