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Dining room cabinets & cupboards

You won’t have to step away when entertaining or hosting holiday dinners with dining room cabinets and storage cupboards that hold plates, silverware, serving dishes and napkins out of sight. Hutch cabinets and cupboards are also great for storing essential items for any room. Cabinets with glass doors or shelving are great for holding plants, framed family photos and the kids’ art projects. From the expression of solid wood in various colors to elegant glass doors, storage cabinets and cupboards provide a stylish addition ready to complement any piece of furniture in your dining room or living room.

Cabinet sizes to fit every room style

Select squat, small cabinets of solid wood with sliding doors to store books, projectors and blankets for family movie nights in your living room or den. Crafted details and a brushed surface give a genuine, sturdy feeling and a timeless look. Or go with the farmhouse look of a smaller storage series with double cabinet doors over a drawer. Such small cabinets are inspired by traditional carpentry that combines style and function for holding toiletries and towels for guests in the bathroom or hallway.

For a medium sized cabinet that serves several purposes, there’s the stunning look of mid-century styled two-doored cabinets with an overhanging shelf. Use it in the living room to hold records down below while your record player rests on the counter. Use the shelf to hold your headphones, plants or a pot of tea.

Or go with the elegant expression of wood in the kitchen with a cabinet on legs that reaches up the wall with adjustable shelving. Place appliances and staples down below while putting other pantry items on display and within easy reach up above. For putting cherished keepsakes on display in style in the living room or dining room, go with the classic look of a double cabinet. Store extras plates, candles and napkins behind the solid wood doors down below while using the glass fronted top as a china cabinet.

Versatile cabinets to store dishes and more

Enjoy even more versatility with the flexibility of cabinet storage combinations. Get a unit that features a long cabinet of solid wood over a smaller one below for extra storage space in the dining room. For the den or living room, choose a dual set of cabinets arranged horizontally. Put books, figurines and steins from that trip to Bavaria on display behind tempered glass on the right, while board games, extra video game controllers and drink coasters can sit behind solid pine doors on the left. Choose a storage combination on wooden legs that fits any room and can be the foundation of a larger storage solution if your needs change. Or go with storage combinations with sliding wooden doors topped with glass enclosed shelving up above.

Types of dining room cabinets

Standard Cabinet

A smaller cabinet that adds a stylish expression while conveniently storing items essential to any room.

Hutch Cabinet

A piece of furniture that is frequently a focal point item for dining rooms and bedrooms. It can feature a counter over drawers or cabinets that rise to shelving or cabinets.


A small cabinet for storing everyday cooking items. It can also be used to hold everything you need to brew and enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.

Storage Cupboard

Either a bigger cabinet or a combination of drawers and cabinets or shelving that serves as a complete pantry for your kitchen.

Frequently asked questions on dining room cabinets

Is a hutch a cabinet?

Sometimes, a hutch can have cabinets above or below its counter space. Other times, hutches can have drawers below and open shelving up above. 

What is a hutch versus a china cabinet?

If your hutch has gorgeous glass-fronted cabinets up top that is perfect for putting fine china on display, then they’re the same thing. 

What’s the difference between a sideboard and a cabinet?

The terms are frequently interchangeable for any small, elegant storage solution whose top can also function as an attractive serving area.