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These napkins and paper napkins are thick and absorbent, while our cloth napkins are reusable. Add a touch of style to the table with decorative paper napkins that are affordable and get the job done right. Browse through a rainbow of styles from gold napkins to blue napkins and even pink napkins.

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Find the perfect paper napkin for your holiday party or dinner

Choose napkins in white or soft pastel colors ranging from pink, green, orange, blue and red for any fancy dinner party. Or go with decorative paper napkins featuring simple red floral designs on white, impressionist green and white patterns or simple, playful line drawings in black and white—any of which would be right at home with a Scandi modern table setting.

Find paper napkins with the look of linen that are already folded and ready to place on the plate or the table. Choose white napkins or white with blue tracing. The discreet pattern means that the napkin goes well with most tableware and table settings. Browse black paper dinner napkins with a practical pocket for cutlery that helps you quickly put together nice table settings for guests at a holiday party or birthday party in a flash. 

Need a lot of napkins for a giant corporate dinner or for everyday use? Find affordable paper napkins in decorative boxes that fit the table, as well as shelving, sideboards or kitchen counters. Stock up on decorative napkins for dinner parties or cocktail napkins for any gathering with convenient 30, 50, 100 and 150-packs of disposable paper napkins. Liven up any special occasion with colorful or floral paper napkins in a variety of sizes ranging from 6¼ x 12½" to over 15 x 15”. 

Want a reusable napkin option? Make your guests feel extra special with cloth napkins made with 100% cotton. Find white cotton napkins with elegant black striping and cloth loops in different colors for each guest.

Affordable napkins that are easy to clean up

When it’s time to get together party supplies for a dinner party, disposable paper napkins are an easy, affordable way to conveniently pull off any type of gathering. With packs of napkins as big and as easy to afford as a 150 pack for $1.29, there are options to make it smoother to accommodate any number of guests for the next backyard barbecue or shower. 

And you can make clean-ups and spills more manageable with IKEA paper napkins since many are 2-ply or 3-ply napkins for increased absorptive ability.

Frequently asked questions about napkins

How to fold paper napkins

Fold in half for a neat rectangular display, or touch opposite corners for a triangular fold. Some IKEA napkins help make putting together table settings for many guests a lot easier by being pre-folded, some with pockets for silverware.

How to fold cloth napkins

Same as with paper napkins, but here you have the opportunity to go down the rabbit hole of more intricate folds. But maybe go with pre-folded paper napkins if the party’s tonight and you still have to make the sangria and crab dip. That cloth napkin swan will be ready when you are. 

How to roll silverware in paper napkins

Fold a large cloth napkin into a triangle and fold up the bottom to form a lip. Tuck the bottom of the silverware in and roll the napkin up.