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Turquoise beds

Give your bedroom a new look with a touch of turquoise! Our range includes many different models of turquoise beds and bed frames. Choose between everything from extendable kid's beds that grow with your child, to convenient sleeper sofas that can transform into a bed for two. Many of our beds also have smart storage solutions, so you can optimize your bedroom space. Explore our range of timeless designs here!

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What are the benefits of a turquoise bed frame?

Is it time to give your bedroom a makeover? With the tranquil color turquoise, you can create that unique and one-of-a-kind space you've always wanted. There are lots of colors that go with turquoise, so it's easy for you to furnish your bedroom just the way you like it!

Turquoise bed frames are versatile

A turquoise bed frame can help bring an uplifting mood to your bedroom. At times glamorous, at other times quiet and subdued, turquoise is a color with many possibilities. This means turquoise bed frames can easily be matched to a variety of different spaces and decors. But wherever it goes, a turquoise bed brings a sense of calmness and peace with it. Turquoise is a natural color, deriving from the ocean and sky, so a turquoise bed frame can help soothe the mind as you lie down to sleep.

What goes well with turquoise bed frames?

Turquoise is a refreshing, cool color. For this reason, a turquoise bed frame can help give your bedroom a clean look and a sense of tidiness. It's often used by interior designers in places with warmer climates, because it gives off a feeling of coolness and freshness. With various shades and materials to choose from, you can match your turquoise bed to the look you're going for.

What makes a bed turquoise?

Technically speaking, turquoise is not actually one color. It's a combination of two hues, which are blue and green. This is what helps make a turquoise bed extra tranquil. By combining two soothing colors from nature, turquoise creates a sense of relaxation and serenity. This makes it the perfect color for the quiet sanctuary of your bedroom.

What options can a turquoise bed offer?

An IKEA turquoise bed can come in a variety of different designs and offer many functions. Some beds are even equipped with smart storage solutions, such as built-in drawers and other clever space-saving properties. They’re the ultimate choice if you're short on space, or if you just want to have a more clutter-free environment.

Turquoise beds come in many sizes, shapes and materials

Browse a large selection of high quality turquoise bed frames. In the end, it's just up to you to decide on the size, material and shape – whatever works best for your needs. Make your bedroom dreams come true and decorate with a turquoise bed today.