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Pink beds

We have lots of precious pink beds, so you can furnish your bedroom in your own unique way. Choose anything from extendable kid's beds that grow with your child, to space-saving loft beds. All designs come with smart storage solutions so that you make the most out of your bedroom space. Explore our different pink beds here.

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The benefits of a pink bed

A pink bed might just help renew your bedroom with that playfulness you've always wanted. Pink is an uplifting and positive color with a special softness that works well in bedrooms. In the IKEA range, you’re sure to find just the right pink bed frame to suit your particular style.

Reasons to make your bed pink

Over time, the pink bed has become a classic go-to in trendy interior design. With lots of different styles, materials and tones to choose from, a pink bed frame can match almost any décor. The pink shade adds a special glow to the room that feels nice to be around. It gives off vibes of happiness and health in any space.

Which colors go well with pink bed frames?

Many colors can be paired with pink bed frames, though a few specific combinations will really shine. Many people prefer to combine a pink bed with gentler colors in order to highlight subtle patterns and textures. You can also pair pink beds with lots of frills and extra features like fluffy pillows or tassels in order to play up the color’s natural playfulness.

Can a pink bed frame work in any kind of bedroom?

Yes, it definitely can. Pink is rapidly becoming a color of choice for all sorts of interior design, from master bedrooms to children’s rooms to guest rooms. In the past, people believed pink only worked well in nurseries, but that’s absolutely not the case anymore. Pink bed frames can come in many different shades – everything from deep and moody to soft and subtle – meaning that they are extremely versatile. Depending on how you style it, a pink bed can look modern and understated, playful and extravagant, quiet and neutral, or anything in between.

A pink bed frame can take many forms

Discover pink bed frames for everyone, from children's beds that can be extended to grow with your child, to pink beds with upholstery that make a great addition to a cozy bedroom or cute guest room. Choose from a wide selection of high-quality materials, shapes and designs to match your personal taste and interior style.

Pink bed frames that use upholstery

Of all the different kinds of beds offered in pink, upholstered beds and fabric beds might be the most stylish choice for many types of décor. It’s a look that immediately catches the eyes, and it's extra comfortable too. These kinds of pink beds give off a grandeur that can also have a stylish, modern twist.

Pink bed frames that use other materials

If upholstery isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other opportunities to get a whole different look for your pink bed frame. Beyond the fabric choices, other options include getting the color pink on a wooden bed or a metal bed. These are both great choices if you’re looking for a more subdued appearance in your bedroom.

Pink beds can offer extra features

We have lots of different pink beds, meaning you can decorate your bedroom in your own unique way. You can even check out the space-saving loft beds with clever built-in storage solutions. These are the ultimate choice if you want to remove clutter and keep things neat and tidy.