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Blue beds

Bring some color to your bedroom with a blue bed frame! We have a wide range of different shapes and materials that perfectly suit you and your style! Many beds have smart features like built-in storage or are sized so you can slide boxes underneath. Explore our quality beds here!

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The advantages of a blue bed frame

A blue bed frame naturally creates a feeling of calmness. Blue is a soothing color, and a blue bed frame leads to a relaxing and comfortable environment in any bedroom. It’s a color known for its calmness since it matches the sky, yet it can also be quite bold and make a statement in your room.

Blue bed frames are versatile

With many different shades and hues, this color is very versatile, giving you a range of options to craft your own personal style. It can be subtle or bold depending on which type of blue you go for. For example, you can choose a dark blue bed to let it stand out and spice up the space, or a baby blue or navy bed frame to accent other décor in the room.

What colors go well with blue bed frames?

The magic of the color blue is that it can compliment a wide range of other colors and tones. A blue bed frame can be paired with yellow, pink, white, red and more. And with a variety of shades of blue to choose from, you can find the perfect match for whatever kind of space you’re trying to create. In any room, a touch of blue from a blue bed will help create a feeling of serenity. It’s a peaceful tone that evokes security, stability and tranquility in your bedroom.

Would a blue bed frame work well in a guest room?

Yes, a blue bed is great for guest rooms since the color blue creates an inviting atmosphere. Many colors compliment blue, so it will easily match any existing style in the room. And because it’s a color from nature – from the ocean and the sky – it helps us feel calm and collected. This lets your guests relax in their room and feel at home.

Blue beds feature various materials and sizes

Get a restful sleep with high-quality blue beds in different sizes and materials to perfectly suit your interior. You can trust that you'll find the design you need to achieve your bedroom ideas. Browse a wide range of small, medium and large blue beds. Some of these beds also help keep the clutter away with smart, built-in storage. This can be very useful if you're short on space!

What materials are blue beds made of?

IKEA blue bed frames come in a variety of different materials, letting you find the ideal design and style that’s right for you. From metal beds to upholstered beds to fabric beds and more, you can find exactly the blue bed frame you need. Use the filters on this page if you want to narrow down your search to a specific material.

Make a statement with a blue bed frame made from fabric

Placing a blue bed with a fabric bed frame or upholstered bed frame in a neutral-colored room can make a bold statement and add a splash of creativity to the space. In the science of color theory, blue is connected to inspiration and creative insights, meaning that the right blue bed can be an eye-catching centerpiece of your bedroom. By placing a soft, velvety blue bed made of fabric against pastel or pale walls and flooring, you can add a striking touch of elegance to even the most modest bedrooms.

How to style your IKEA blue bed

When it comes to adding mattresses, sheets and pillows to a blue bed, there are many opportunities to accent your colors and create a look that truly pops. Depending on the shade of blue you choose, there are various styling opportunities. One of the biggest choices you’ll have is whether to opt for a dark blue bed or a light blue bed.

Dark blue bed vs. light blue bed

IKEA blue bed frames come in several shades, from dark to light and in between. When styling a dark blue bed, you can use lighter colored sheets and pillows to make the richness of the bed’s color come out. A light blue bed, on the other hand, is a subtler choice and can be paired with either calming neutral tones or darker colors that stand out against the light frame. To achieve a rustic look, you can even pair a light blue bed with wooden furniture in natural shades to create a cottage feeling.